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Travel Brands’ Influencer Campaigns Still Hide Too Much Says the FTC

There are many travel brands that are seemingly in violation of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's new native ad guidelines on how to disclose when social media influencers were paid. Consumers appreciate brands more when they're transparent and develop deeper connections with influencers when they know what they truly support and enjoy when they're not being paid.

2 months ago

Europe’s Tough Stance Against Google Could Shame the FTC Into Action

The European regulatory probe of Google on several fronts is putting pressure on the U.S.'s FTC to jump into the fray after bowing out under less-than-stellar circumstances a few years ago. Still, don't expect any meaningful changes in Google's practices until the regulatory processes likely wind through the courts.

3 months ago

The Political Push to Destroy Hidden Hotel Fees Has Begun

While the Truth in Hotel Advertising Act has yet to gain any support in Congress, it represents a blow to ubiquity of hotel resort fees and other surcharges that are traditionally tacked on at the end of a hotel stay.

8 months ago

Wyndham In Precedent-Setting Agreement With FTC on Data Breach Charges

With this Wyndham settlement, the FTC has put businesses on notice that they must adhere to certain standards on data security.

11 months ago

What Travel Companies Have Against Google on Antitrust Issues

Travel companies speaking out against the all-powerful Google walk a thin line because they are dependent on Google to widely varying degrees. They now have an apparent ally in the European Commission while the U.S. FTC opted out.

2 years ago

TripAdvisor CEO Wants Europe to Crack Down on Google’s Anti-Competitive Behavior

TripAdvisor still spends a lot of money with Google so Kaufer's condemnation of Google's practices stands out. Others have been more circumspect.

2 years ago

Google May Have Appeased the FTC, But Can It Beat Europe’s Regulators?

U.S. and European antitrust authorities have collaborated in their respective probes of Google. Strong antitrust regulatory action in Europe could rekindle interest in the U.S., assuming Google's lobbyists are unsuccessful in squelching it.

2 years ago

Full FTC Report Reveals More of Google’s Dirty Tricks Against TripAdvisor and Others

Google was adamant that it needed to compete in local search and it didn't mind playing hardball with Yelp, TripAdvisor, CitySearch, and others to get its way.

2 years ago

FTC Staff Wanted to Sue Google for Ripping Off TripAdvisor and Yelp

Google dodged a bullet in 2013 when the FTC terminated its antitrust probe without forcing meaningful concessions or filing suit. Now we know that the rank and file within the FTC wanted to fight it out with Google in court.

2 years ago

U.S. regulator says D.C. taxi rules may be too restrictive, sides with Uber

FTC has frowned upon restrictive taxicab regulations in Colorado and Alaska before and now it has shown its displeasure in high-profile DC market. This is a big moral win -- not an actual one, since FTC is in advisory capacity here for now -- for Uber and other such new companies.

3 years ago

FTC rules on stricter disclosures for advertisers in mobile and social media

Huge implications for travel advertisers as well, who advertise and promote heavily online, mobile and now social media as well. Also, for travel bloggers used to taking free junkets, disclosure isn't enough, as the accompanying embedded document explains.

4 years ago

FTC suggestions for app developers & companies on mobile privacy: a list

FTC's advice in a nutshell: start with minimum reasonable data security, then disclose, disclose, disclose, and go from there.

4 years ago