Delta CEO Apologizes for Canceled Flights

Delta's offer of compensation to passengers will help soften the blow but it must make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. Like all good airline CEOs, Ed Bastian knows when to issue a strategic apology.

Ground Delays at U.S. Airports Are on the Rise

Runway construction and schedule changes are some of the factors driving up the taxiing time at airports around the country, causing not only passenger frustration but also increased operating costs of hundreds of millions of dollars extra.

U.S. Flight Delays Spread into Weekend After Control Center Fire

A rare fire started by an FAA employee led to the widespread flight delays, which means these are one-time delays that will impact carrier's punctuality and profits for only one quarter.

6 Challenges for the Future of U.S. Air Travel

The U.S. government needs to prioritize infrastructure improvements, not only to attract more foreign tourism dollars, but to encourage and support business travel within the country.

U.S. Flyers Encounter More Frequent Delays This Spring

Flight delays are caused by a number of factors making it difficult to compare progress over time and regions. Improvements can be made by airlines by communicating sooner and more productively with customers.

SkiftStudio: Berkshire Hathaway Enters Travel Insurance Market With Disruption In Mind

Travelers can probably get bits and pieces of Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection's flight delay and missed-connection coverage elsewhere, but the array of coverage for these flight hassles is unique in North America. However, don't be surprised if the $25 per domestic trip rate gets increased after awhile.

Fewer Than 2% of Flyers Try to Get Compensated for Delays

The airlines purposefully keep the guidelines around flight delay compensation rules opaque and it's worked until recent startups have begun to disrupt the collection pipeline.

The Well-Designed Chair That Could Make Flight Delays Less Painful

Although it might make long delays slightly more bearable for the average travelers, frequent flyers will still be laughing at them all the way to their lounge.

American Airlines Loses $115 Million in Revenue to Winter Storms

American's busiest hubs were among the most impacted leading to more than 34,000 flight cancellations. Although incessant delays are not likely to happen again, the first quarter will still drag down full-year revenue.

Flyers Weigh Benefits of Travel Insurance After Long Winter of Delays

Airlines often anticipate delays by dropping change fees, but insurance can be a lifesaver for flyers already at the airport. However, our findings were not conclusive enough to suggest the weather will result in a long-term benefit for insurance companies.