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For Foreseeable Future, American and US Airways Flight Attendants Will Fly Separately

US Airways and American closed their merger more than two and a half years ago, but for many customers and employees, it still feels like two airlines. This will ensure that's the case for longer than anyone wants.

2 months ago

Six Years After Merger, United Flight Attendants Finally Have a Contract to Vote On

United CEO Oscar Munoz had his work cut out for him when it came to repairing relations with employees; a single contract for all flight attendants would be a huge step.

4 months ago

United and its Flight Attendants Finally Close in on New Contract

If flight attendants ratify the contract, United's customers should win, and it will be a big win for Munoz, too. Today, flight attendants work under two labor agreements, making the airline a model of inefficiency at times.

4 months ago

Senate Bill Would Mandate Refunds for Checked Bags That Arrive Late

Which provision in the Senate aviation bill is less likely to become law: Putting flight attendant rest rules on par with pilots or mandating that families with young kids be able to sit together? Both provisions have merit but we're talking about the U.S. Congress here.

6 months ago

South Korean Nut Rage Incident Leads to Harsher Aviation Laws

We support any law that punishes passengers from being obnoxious.

9 months ago

One Flight Attendant on 5 Decades of Flying

The rules that pushed her out when she was pregnant are still in effect in emerging markets, even if U.S. carriers have been forced to modernize.

10 months ago

How Motels, Zepplins and Sky Girls Impacted Business Travel Over the Last 100 Years

This American Express GBT microsite makes you wonder how we'll be traveling for work in 2115.

1 year ago

El Al’s Female Flight Attendants Say No Way to High Heel Requirement

We think El Al's female flight attendants should have to wear heels when its male crew have to wear leather chaps and speedos.

1 year ago

Virgin America Will Evolve as Pilots Vote to Join a Union

Virgin America is getting all grown up and will have to make some changes when its pilots and flight attendants hold union cards.

1 year ago

Fired Flight Attendants Sue United Airlines Over Safety Threat

If United had better relations with its flight attendants and crew, things like this wouldn't happen. But the toxic, untrusting relationship breeds conflicts like this.

2 years ago

Nut Rage Executive at Korean Air to Be Arrested for Safety Violations

Although we love seeing an executive punished and publicly ridiculed even more than the next guy, we have a strong sense that this wouldn't be happening if this was a male exec.

2 years ago

Nut Rage Scandal Has One Clear Winner: The Macadamia Nut

2 years ago