FCC Proposes Fining Hilton for Not Cooperating in Wi-Fi Blocking Investigation

Marriott guests didn't take the chain's Wi-Fi-blocking practice sitting down and fought back, with Marriott International ultimately getting fined $600,000. What makes Hilton Worldwide think it can evade the same fate?

In-Flight Calling Should Be Up to Airlines Says U.S. Transportation Department

What a few days for consumer aviation panels. Although we're not sure how happy consumers will be about in-flight calling. We've dealt with calling on trains and it's no picnic indeed.

FCC Rules Hotel Wi-Fi Blocking Is Illegal and Subject to Penalties

The FCC couldn't have more forcefully rejected the hotel industry's efforts to block Wi-Fi hotspots at meetings, conventions or anywhere else.

An Open Letter to the Hotel Industry on Wi-Fi Jamming: Let It Go

Fair or not, the modern traveler judges hotels by their Wi-Fi forwardness. The American hotel industry has everything to lose and nothing to win in this fight, even if it wins a ruling by FCC.

Marriott Wi-Fi Jamming Plans Resoundingly Opposed by the Public

Marriott is claiming that its plans are misunderstood and that it merely seeks permission from the FCC to jam others' Wi-Fi in its conference rooms only. But travelers are telling the FCC that they don't want to be reliant on hotel Wi-Fi in conference rooms and other areas of the hotel.

How Much Closer Are Passengers to Making In-Flight Calls?

In-flight calls are inevitable, but the rules surrounding their use and the etiquette that will arise is yet to be seen.

Gadget Companies Want FCC Clearance So Passengers Can Make In-Flight Calls

Passengers have both good and bad habits on the ground, and they still have them in the air, whether or not you can make a call from time to time.

China Is Having its Own In-Flight Mobile Use Debate

How do you say "Call Nick Bilton!" in Mandarin?

Hotels Change In-Room Phone Systems to Allow Direct 911 Dialing

It shouldn't take a death for hotels across the country to realize a major flaw in their in-room safety infrastructure. The FCC is urging hotels to take action before making direct 911 dialing mandatory.