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American Airlines Revives Deep Discount Fares Because Their Absence Hurt

American Airlines is taking nothing for granted in wooing passengers with discounted fares and employees with profit-sharing. Both moves, it hopes, will generate revenue and profits.

6 months ago

Delta to Expand Basic Economy Fares That Generated $20 Million in Extra Revenue

If you take Delta at its word, then fears that the introduction of Basic Economy fares to compete with the ultra-low-cost carriers on price would dilute the spend of usually higher-paying passengers haven't been borne out. Still, the situation is fluid as other legacy carriers are set to introduce these discounted fares, as well.

7 months ago

American Airlines Says Premium Seats Will Be the Next Frontier in Ancillary Fees

Hyperbole or reality? American Airlines thinks its upcoming basic and premium economy will be huge, akin to its launching bag fees in 2008.

9 months ago

United CEO Oscar Munoz: ‘It’s a Competitive Industry. I’m a Competitive Guy’

Leadership isn't just about energy and enthusiasm, which recovering United CEO Oscar Munoz seems to have plenty of. But it can't be dismissed, either.

9 months ago

Why Spirit Air CEO Respects Delta’s Aggressive Basic Economy Strategy

Spirit's Baldanza has a lot of respect for Delta's management, and Baldanza and the Spirit model are widely respected within the airline industry. With legacy carriers getting much more aggressive about matching Spirit's fares, the ultra low-cost carrier is definitely feeling it but Baldanza insists that Spirit can take a punch.

11 months ago

Airline Fare Wars Ending Historic Stock Rally

Ah, the Golden Age of airline financials may have run its course despite low fuel prices. That was quick.

1 year ago

American Wants to Compete With Spirit on Fares and Wall Street Isn’t Happy

American would be turning a blind eye to half of its business if it didn't figure out a more effective way to compete with Spirit and other low-cost carriers.

1 year ago

U.S. Airlines Try New Fare-Hike Strategies Because Ticket Prices Maxed Out

FareCompare's Rick Seaney, the new poet of fare hikes, likens airlines' current strategies to "a bar brawl in slow-motion.” Airlines are resorting to targeted fare increases because fares are too high to hike across the board.

1 year ago

Delta Likely to Trim Seat Capacity to Protect Fare Levels

Are Delta, United, American and Southwest colluding over seat capacity and keeping fares high? Whether it is colluding or signaling they sure are watching each others' backs on capacity policies.

1 year ago

Southwest Fare Sale Cripples Website for Second Day

If you advertise it, they will come -- and your servers had better be ready, Southwest.

1 year ago

Delta’s New Fares Mean Choice for Passengers and $1.5 Billion for the Airline

U.S. airlines are increasingly offering their passengers more choice and flexibility. Translation? You will be paying more if you want stuff such as a seat assignment and the ability to change your flight.

2 years ago

Orbitz Settles Lawsuit With Hidden Cities Startup Founder

Skiplagged doesn't have much of a future as a business beyond being an informational website. It is doubtful that Skiplagged would get authorization to link to a travel agency to enable Skiplagged users to book hidden-city itineraries because travel agencies would get into big trouble with airlines for facilitating such bookings.

2 years ago