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Hertz moves ahead with merger after buying the majority of Dollar Thrifty’s shares

Hertz cleared the two obstacles standing in the way of a merger this week, but regulations will keep the new company from forming a monopoly in the rental car industry.

4 years ago

Hertz awaits Dollar Thrifty’s decision to merge after winning FTC approval on Thursday

Hertz’s tender offer for Dollar’s stock is set to expire today and may need to be extended to get the necessary number of shares, although both boards have already approved the merger.

4 years ago

Hertz will give up some airport locations in exchange for the FTC’s approval to buy Dollar Thrifty

Hertz has offered various concessions to snag its competitor, but the FTC’s fears transcend this one deal, which is serving as a prime example of the extreme consolidation of the rental car industry over the past decade.

4 years ago

Hertz doubles down in $2.5 billion bid to acquire Dollar Thrifty

The multiyear-merger maneuverings between Hertz, Dollar-Thrifty, and Avis Budget almost make American Airlines' merger scenarios appear tame.

4 years ago