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Emotion-Detecting Robots Are Coming to Cruise Ships in Europe

Cruise ships are full of crucial pieces of technology; Pepper the robot is not one of those. The humanoid, multilingual robot that will sail on two European brands is more of a marketing ploy than practical tool.

10 months ago

Cruise Passengers May Have Been Victims of the Tunis Terrorist Attack

2 years ago

Costa Concordia to Be Towed Away From Wreck Spot Within 10 Days

Transportation events that we never thought we'd see in our day -- from a cruise ship sinking to plane disappearing -- have now happened, hopefully making the industry more aware of the risks and more vigilant in avoiding them.

2 years ago

The European Cruise Industry Has Weekending German Tourists to Thank

Getting between major port cities in Europe is as easy as getting between airports and train stations, making short breaks simple no matter the mode of transport.

2 years ago

Carnival Dispatches a Fourth Ship to Growing Chinese Cruise Market

It's interesting that social media has become such an important element of cruise lines' marketing efforts in China.

2 years ago

Setbacks Force Carnival Cruise Lines to Rethink How its Brands Do Business

Carnival is big enough that change will be hard. But if it wants to stay big, it's going to need to change anyway.

2 years ago

Measles Outbreak on Costa Pacifica Hits Ship’s Crew Members

With norovirus outbreaks hitting the cruise industry relatively hard in the beginning of 2014, Costa Cruises, still in recovery mode from the Costa Concordia crash, didn't need a suspected measles outbreak among crew on one of its ships. Neither did the passengers who, according to reports, have so far not come down with the virus.

3 years ago

Costa Concordia Captain Makes It Easy for Cruise Line Bosses to Throw Him Under the Bus

Costa would like nothing more than for Schettino to continue saying crazy things so that the accident is about him, not the cruise line.

3 years ago

Costa Concordia Captain Says Deaths Were Bad But It Was His Crew’s Fault

Not content with throwing cruisers overboard, the captain is now happy to throw his crew overboard with them.

3 years ago

Shipwrecked Costa Concordia Ship to Be Removed from Italian Coast by June

Costa says the salvage effort pumped $355 million into the Italian economy, but the shipwrecked eyesore also hurt Giglio's unique landscape and tourism sector.

3 years ago

Former Costa Cruises CEO Officially Retires Two Years After Concordia Disaster

Carnival quietly moved Foschi to an executive role in Asia six months after the incident and he's now officially retired from the board with $1.7 million more than you'd expect for someone in charge of the one of the decade's worst cruise incidents.

3 years ago

Costa Concordia Crewman Testifies to Captain’s Cowardice

Between his girlfriend's testimony last week and his crewman's this week it is not a good November for Schettino. Can Costa and parent company Carnival put enough distance between them and him to save their European business?

3 years ago