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Sabre Ousts Chairman and Brings in Former Continental CEO

Sabre is smart to bring in Kellner and to make a break with the Gilliland era in taking steps toward an IPO. But, private company or not, Sabre handled the transition very clumsily.


The United and Continental merger isn’t going as well as they’d like you to believe

Continental and United did not learn much from the mistakes of Delta and Northwest. Its unequal contracts, incompatible systems, and divergent work cultures are signs of an arrogant, unwieldy management that can't rally the troops behind a common cause.


United Continental profits fall short of expectations as fuel costs impact results

The world’s biggest airline is still streamlining operations following the 2010 merger and the bumpy transition leading to decreased demand, in addition to raising gas prices, is at the heart of the giant’s losses.


Continental and United pilots are just a few steps away from erasing the line that separates them

US Airways and American take heed: after two years of negotiations, the 12,000 pilots are the first labor group of the merged United line to agree in principle to a new contract.


Hear this AA-US Airways merger boosters: United Continental’s integration woes drags earnings

Forget about merging cultures, they couldn't merge non-cultural items like reservation systems. What hope do we hold out for AA-US Airways if it happens?