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The New 7 Wonders Marketing Campaign Loses Its Sense of Wonder

The New7Wonders' initial campaigns grabbed the media's attention, but vague intentions and a lack of transparency have helped it sink into insignificance.

2 years ago

TripAdvisor Turns to User-Generated Content for Latest Advertising Campaign

TripAdvisor doesn't actually come out a loser when its users' ads trump its own. User-created ads fit right in with TripAdvisor's value proposition and culture. After all, this is a company where each version of its homepage contains a snippet from a user's review, and Fargo could soon make it to TV screens near you.

2 years ago

Global job firm Adecco uses a travel blog’s name for its travel contest

This is certainly one way to "use" travel bloggers.

3 years ago

The 40,000 people who want one of Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World”

Australia knows a smart contest when it finds one. Last year's similar stunt attracted massive media interest and this year's repeat and expansion caught on even more.

4 years ago

Six designs that competed to become the new Burning Man airport

4 years ago

Air New Zealand wants to send two lucky couples on a trans-Atlantic blind date

The Air New Zealand has made its name with quality flights and some daring if underwhelming advertising (see photo, above), and this stunt is in step with its brand. But and kudos to the carrier for taking a change on both gay and straight couples.

4 years ago

Ryanair’s new game is the same as the old one: Get passengers to give up more cash

Focusing on the customer experience? Whether it is online hawking games or onboard, Ryanair doesn't care about it all that much.

4 years ago

Holland America Line uses Facebook sweepstakes to accumulate new followers

The cruise line's strategic use of social media ensures that the brand will continue to pop up on their new fans' newsfeed, and possibly even tempt them to book the cruise they didn’t win for free.

4 years ago

How Jetpac turned a $5,000 contest into a funding bonanza

The Kaggle code-writing contests are interesting if the programming geeks don't get ripped off. But, Jetpac's photo-curation algorithm leaves a lot to be desired.

4 years ago