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Corporate Travel Is Bracing for the Impact of the Marriott-Starwood Merger

It could still be several weeks before the Marriott-Starwood deal is wrapped up — and much longer before the two companies are integrated — but travel buyers and travel management companies are wise to start preparing now for eventual negotiations with the bulked-up company.

2 months ago

Expedia CEO Predicts Mergers Are the Next Big Thing in Corporate Travel

Big travel management companies are going to look to acquire technology companies and smaller competitors as they struggle to scale up their technology platforms.

3 months ago

Small Southern California Airports Lose Flyers to Airline Consolidation

Although airlines are not completely pulling out from the smaller airports, they are flying smaller planes leading to fewer passengers and lower revenues for the hubs.

3 years ago

United, American and Delta Executives Agree: Airline Mergers Are ‘Beautiful’

Airline consolidation is getting disruptive these days -- and not just for stressed out passengers. New global joint ventures such as Virgin Atlantic-Delta and Emirates-Qantas are shaking up the status quo, and will be increasingly challenging to global airline alliances.

3 years ago

British Airways boss sees consolidation, not alliances, as future of aviation

Walsh has been spending time with heads of the Middle East’s thriving airlines and he's leaning toward their strategy of investments over alliances. His musings are theoretical now with EU regulations limiting action.

4 years ago

Delta executives said to be in support of further airline consolidation

The new American doesn’t step on toes in Atlanta, but it does pose a significant challenge to Delta’s ambitious plans for expansion at New York’s LGA coming in just behind Delta's 45.5% slot control.

4 years ago

Alliances become the norm in aviation although some solo stragglers still remain

Stalwarts Virgin and Qatar gave in and joined forces with other airlines this year due to rising operation costs and increased competition. Who will the last solo airlines hook up with in 2013?

4 years ago

Delta CEO says AMR-US Airways merger to take place “shortly” and supports it

Richard Anderson has long been an advocate of airline consolidation, and believes an American-US Airways merger will happen soon and will be healthy for the industry. Whether that benefits consumers is another story.

4 years ago