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Federal Law Keeps Colorado From Promoting Marijuana Tourism

Once the federal threat disappears, we're banking that "It's High Time You Got to Colorado" will be the next great state tourism slogan.

1 month ago

A Record-Setting 77.7 Million Travelers Visited Colorado Last Year

Colorado's record-breaking visitor numbers are proof of the power of marketing.

3 months ago

Colorado Had a Record Ski Season in 2016

Whether it's because of the great snow, skiing, or maybe the fact that Colorado is one of the few states where marijuana usage is legal, the Rocky Mountain State had a record number of visitors and sales tax revenues this year.

4 months ago

Colorado Is Rethinking Marijuana Limits on Pot Tourists

What Colorado is seeing now with pot tourism, few other states will be able to experience when all the laws change. It has a chance to both set a standard and make some money.

6 months ago

Colorado’s Marijuana Tourists Can’t Handle the Pot Like a Local

Nobody really wants to live like a local, they want to live like a local who is rolling large. And in this case they're rolling them too large.

8 months ago

Colorado’s New Tourism Director Wants to Talk About Marijuana on Statewide Tour

For many travelers, particularly pot enthusiasts, it's more about educating them on what else Colorado offers when they want to take a break from certain recreational activities than convincing travelers to visit the state. Ritter's work will involve reminding travelers of the state's roots and unique offerings as marijuana inevitably won't be a differentiator forever.

12 months ago

Colorado Ski Resorts Already Worried About Weather and Strong Dollar This Winter

Global climate change + stronger dollar = lousy winter on Colorado slopes.

1 year ago

Colorado’s Pot-Friendly Resort Fails to Deliver

There is a business here, but only for those that take it seriously.

1 year ago

Colorado’s Tourism Industry Grew Faster Than Any Other U.S. State in 2014

Great weather, great outdoor activities, and a permissive culture can make for an attractive destination.

1 year ago

New Pot-Friendly Colorado Resort Puts the ‘Dude’ in Dude Ranch

All we'll say is that the canteen better be open late and it better serve Taco Bell.

1 year ago

Boulder, Colorado Moves to Restrict Airbnb-Style Short-Term Rentals

Destinations with tight controls on growth and rental markets are often the first to feel the sting of vacation home rentals as locals have difficulty finding places to live.

1 year ago

U.S. Destinations Take Their Foreign Worker Recruiting Efforts Around the World

Destinations kill two birds with one stone with foreign recruitment trips by finding the seasonal help they need along with employees who can speak the languages of some of their fastest growing visitor demographics.

2 years ago