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Hospitality Reenvisioned Through Data and Mobile

The digital transformation of hospitality and travel is underway, and it mirrors the changes most brands and consumers now see across the broader business ecosystem.

2 months ago


Connected Hospitality: Data Drives Actionable Moments for Travel Ops and Marketing

Explore with us where the travel industry is headed, technologically. The time has come to look at what the future holds for hospitality, and every travel vertical, as an industry that uses digital tools to better reach customers — and re-envisions itself along the way.

4 months ago

How to Build a Low-Cost Travel Brand That’s Lean Without Being Mean

If consumers don't value some of the extras offered in the market, or worse still see them as an impediment to their journey, these brands believe it's best to eliminate them. Sure, doing so saves them money and creates lean processes, but it also differentiates the brand and creates positive associations for those consumers who are fed up with fluff, hype, and inflated travel costs.

6 months ago

Interview: CitizenM Hotels Co-Founder on Making a Stay an Extension of Guests’ Lifestyles

citizenM gives its guests more for less while "only selling a night of sleep" in an understated fashion, as co-founder Michael Levie put it. Its model can be illuminating for big and small hotels alike in understanding what happens when data and technology are used to their potentials.

6 months ago

Chic no-frills hotels focus on getting travelers rested and on their way for less

Smart design tactics, plentiful connectivity, and large community spaces are the mark of these hotels that started in Europe and are making their way around the world.

4 years ago

Hamburg hotel created for ‘next generation’ travelers wins European design award

Compact budget-friendly designs like the Superbude and CitizenM are trending because of their minimal rooms, spacious group areas, and attention to connectivity and sustainability.

4 years ago

Europe’s stylish hotel chain CitizenM is coming to New York City next summer

The pod hotel’s philosophy of creating small smartly-designed room for young techie travelers fits right in New York, although $250 seems steep for its limited amenities.

4 years ago

SkiftDesign: CitizenM: Pre-fab luxe hotel chain runs with the Ikea model

Trendiness without the costs: the siren call of a post-recessionary world.

4 years ago