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Skift Global Forum Preview: SilverRail Founder on the Future of Smarter Transportation

At the moment, travelling anywhere mostly requires the use of multiple companies on multiple apps, but what if there was another way? Every part of a potential journey is now connected up to the Web so the next logical step is to bring all these steps together in one place.

1 month ago

3 Charts Showing World’s Most-Visited Cities by International Travelers

Cities are the focus of future travel trends and can offer travelers diversified experiences. Some of the planet's fastest-growing cities are in China and India.

9 months ago

Google Launches Sidewalk Labs to Improve Urban Life

A former Bloomberg executive will run the city-improvement focused Sidewalk Labs. Sounds like a thing for former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has engaged with city planners at home and abroad.

1 year ago

London Will Again Be the Most Popular City for International Visitors in 2015

Another year reveals that arrivals and visitor growth in Asia continues to be the real story of international travel.

1 year ago

The End of Travel, Part 2: Tech Innovations Behind the Rise of Smart Mobility

The tech, data and platform changes enabling the daily travel and transport innovations we're all benefiting from now. The mobility era is the era of digital intermediation offered through digital platforms.

2 years ago

New Series: The End of Travel and the Rise of the Smart Mobility Era

We are entering a new mobility era with new players emerging and disrupting travel from the “last mile” up to domestic and regional travel. Mobility providers and aggregators are starting to disrupt the industry by conquering cities, one by one, and aggregating all mode of transportations using digital platforms.

2 years ago

54 Cities That Beat New York City and London for Business Travel

Access to outdoors with little risk of crime or congestion makes many cities in Australia, Europe and Canada more attractive for business meetings and networking than the world's biggest business hubs.

2 years ago

Cities In Motion: 10 Gorgeous Videos That Show How Cities Should Be Marketed

Capturing the dailyness of city life, especially street life, is an art that's surely underexploited. These videos show some ways it could be done.

2 years ago

The 10 Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel

U.S. cities, barring NYC, are still not the most expensive large cities to do business in. Thanks to its mining boom and rising currency value, Australia clearly has a problem on its hands.

3 years ago

The 25 Most Visited International Cities By Business Travelers

Admittedly, a one vendor list, but enough data to draw trendlines. And London is still the most global city for business, and expensive too. Maybe it really should solve that Heathrow problem, fast...

3 years ago

Every Small Town’s Tourism Strategy Should Include Free Wi-Fi and Workspaces

The key phrase here is: Providing quality public wifi matters to tourism. For small towns that need to punch above their weight to get visitors and tourism dollars, free wi-fi+free workspaces is a great strategy.

3 years ago

The top 5 loveable cities of 2013

For city lovers that want to go off the regularly cited names, this is a great and compact list.

3 years ago