International Terminal at Chicago O’Hare Airport to Be Expanded for First Time

They do things big in Chicago and the international terminal at its signature airport, Chicago O'Hare, will see its first major expansion since it arrived on the scene more than two decades ago.

U.S. Suburban Hotels See Bright Spot in Big Indian Weddings Business

A prime example of how embracing and understanding other cultures can be a win-win situation, both for businesses and the communities they serve.

Chicago’s Mayor Announces New Hotels For O’Hare Airport to Make Spending a Night Easier

Many airport hotels are trending upwards in their quality and convenience but there are still many more not yet up to par with modern travelers and not prepared to handle growing passenger traffic around the world.

Chicago Is Not Getting George Lucas’ Art Museum

There's stupid development, which cities allow a lot of, and smart development, like this. Chicago tourism is really missing out.

Chicago Turmoil Inspires Other Illinois Cities to Challenge Airbnb

Now, even smaller U.S. cities and towns are pushing back against disruptive Airbnb rentals.

Airbnb Debate Over Short-Term Rentals Moves to Chicago

We'll continue to see this play out in city after city until some city or some sharing economy brand comes up with a good solution.

Chicago’s Domestic Tourist Arrivals Hit Record 51 Million in 2015

It's a strong story, especially considering the massive state funding cuts both to tourism marketing and to state-run attractions. Luckily Chicago can compete on its own. The rest of the state didn't fare so well.

These Hilton Hotels Have Meeting Group Sales Down to a Science in Chicago

If hotels want to book more meetings and events, they need to know how to speak the specific industry language of the events and planners they’re working with.

Van Gogh’s Bedroom Recreated in Chicago as Airbnb Rental

This is another example of innovative marketing cross-promotion today pairing pop culture, cultural institutions, and global hospitality brands.

Post-Holiday Air Travel in Central U.S. Hits Weather-Related Snag

Pity the passenger that transits through Chicago from November to May.