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Skift Global Forum Preview: Carnival CEO on Bringing American Business to Cuba

As Carnival's experience shows, doing business in Cuba as an American company is complicated — especially in these early days while relations are normalizing but the embargo remains in place. Travel companies catering to U.S. citizens need to be flexible, detail-focused, and patient.

3 weeks ago

How the World’s Biggest Cruise Company Approaches Sustainability

It's nice to see an industry-leading company take a forward-looking approach to sustainability, both in terms of the environment and its effect on destinations around the world. For the time being, cruise ships are still big polluters.

1 month ago

CEO Interview: Fathom Is Developing a Brand for Cruisers Who Want to Travel Deep

Fathom is a unique product in the cruise space with the backing of cruising's biggest player. It's also just one ship among hundreds in the global cruise industry. With time, and more marketing, it shouldn't be hard for them to find the 600 cruisers each week to fill the MV Adonia.

4 months ago

Carnival’s Fathom Brand Faces Challenges Because It Isn’t a Party Boat

Fathom's cruise product is incredibly different than what cruisers are used to. This is a challenge for the brand as it looks for customers willing to try something new.

4 months ago

Royal Caribbean Became the World’s Largest Cruise Line and Pretty Much No One Noticed

Kudos to Royal Caribbean for focusing on product over bragging rights — but it would have been helpful to know about this development when it happened.

4 months ago

The First Modern Cruise to Cuba From the U.S. Arrives in Havana Today

The first of many.

5 months ago

Carnival Says It Has Permission to Sail to Cuba With All Guests, Cubans Included

This decision was down to the wire, but Carnival won in the end.

5 months ago

Carnival Will Delay Cruises to Cuba if Cuban-Born Passengers Denied Entry

This is more about muscling Cuban officials than it it appealing to PR concerns in the U.S., but it doesn't hurt that either.

5 months ago

U.S. Secretary of State Wades Into Cuba Cruise Debate

Nothing's perfect with travel to Cuba right now, and we'll likely see all sorts of issues until the Castros move on, as do the U.S. politicians who benefit from the Cuban bogeymen.

5 months ago

Cruise Lines Are Lining up for Cuba, But the Government’s No-Cubans Rule Is Making Waves

Carnival gets to be the first cruise company to sail from the U.S. to Cuba in decades — but it also has to be the first to navigate some tricky territory. Even if Cuba's government eventually allows those who were born in Cuba to cruise to the island, this will sour some potential customers on the idea.

6 months ago

Carnival Corp. First Quarter Profits Exceed Wall Street Expectations

Carnival Corp.'s stock has been declining all year but the first quarter numbers gave it a boost.

6 months ago

Carnival Is Trying Virtual Reality to Get New Cruisers on Board

Carnival Corporation hopes that a virtual reality version of a cruise will be enough to make newcomers try the real thing.

7 months ago