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Video: Carnival Corp. CEO on Winning Over the Non-Cruisers

We were happy to begin this year's Forum with a conversation with Donald, and we're happy to argue (or agree) with him any time about the future of travel.

1 week ago

Carnival Corp. CEO Says Empathy Is Vital in Complicated World

Arnold Donald has done an impressive job turning around Carnival Corp.'s image. Now he has to lead it into the future in an extremely competitive global cruise market.

1 month ago

Carnival Corp. Says Its Cruise Business Is Strong, Even in Europe

Carnival Corp. had a strong quarter at a time when some competitors struggled, but questions will remain about how quickly the industry is growing in China.

1 month ago

China’s Cruise Boom Is Getting Some Homegrown Ships

China's cruise market is still in its early days, but the world's biggest industry players are trying to help it mature fast.

1 month ago

Carnival Corp. Is Producing TV Shows That Star Its Own Ships

Carnival Corporation is putting a lot of effort into getting its cruise ships, destinations, and shore activities in front of a massive audience. Smart travelers will realize they're seeing a highly produced, promotional version of a cruise experience.

1 month ago

Carnival Corp. Is Adding Three More Ships, All of Them Huge

It looks like Carnival Corp. has found a ship type it likes. Including the order announced Tuesday, the cruise company is adding seven 5,200-passenger megaships that are powered by liquefied natural gas across four brands.

2 months ago

Skift Global Forum Preview: Carnival CEO on Bringing American Business to Cuba

As Carnival's experience shows, doing business in Cuba as an American company is complicated — especially in these early days while relations are normalizing but the embargo remains in place. Travel companies catering to U.S. citizens need to be flexible, detail-focused, and patient.

2 months ago

How the World’s Biggest Cruise Company Approaches Sustainability

It's nice to see an industry-leading company take a forward-looking approach to sustainability, both in terms of the environment and its effect on destinations around the world. For the time being, cruise ships are still big polluters.

2 months ago

How Cunard Is Trying to Keep Old-World Cruising Relevant

In an industry full of young brands, Cunard Line emphasizes its history to stand apart. But keeping the needs of modern travelers in mind is important too.

3 months ago

Fathom Hopes Religious Groups Will Help its Volunteer-Based Cruise Business Survive

Fathom has a dual mission: social impact work in one destination, the Dominican Republic, and cultural enrichment in another, Cuba. Consumers may have a hard time understanding what the cruise line is all about.

4 months ago

Carnival CEO Says Brexit Vote Could Give UK Cruise Lines an Edge

Carnival Corporation pulled off a surprisingly good quarter despite global uncertainty, though capacity growth in China seems to be worrying some on Wall Street.

4 months ago

CEO Interview: Fathom Is Developing a Brand for Cruisers Who Want to Travel Deep

Fathom is a unique product in the cruise space with the backing of cruising's biggest player. It's also just one ship among hundreds in the global cruise industry. With time, and more marketing, it shouldn't be hard for them to find the 600 cruisers each week to fill the MV Adonia.

5 months ago