Interview: Ryanair CEO on How Low-Cost Carriers Can Help European Airlines Prosper Again

We believe that a partnership between Norwegian and Ryanair makes sense and could take off with few complications. But we don't believe converting long-term rivals to new friends is done easily in aviation. Still, if anyone could argue until this gets done, it would be O'Leary--with credit going to Willie Walsh. That alone is a remarkable thing.

American and British Airways Want Approval for Joint Venture With LATAM

The three airlines are already Oneworld members but this new codeshare agreement would take cooperation to a wholly different level.

British Airways Parent Edges Past Lufthansa to Become Europe’s Second Largest Carrier

British Airways is the only legacy carrier in Europe that seems to have a handle on the unique challenges they are facing.

Finnair’s Asia Strategy Sets It Apart From Rivals, Makes It Attractive Acquisition

The smart model right now seems to be to play to your geographic strengths if you have them, and implement them doggedly.

British Airways Seeks Closer Ties With Latam to Boost Transatlantic Business

With Latam in South America, American in North America, and some soon-to-be-agreed-upon partners in Europe, IAG is building a network capable of meeting the challenges of Gulf carriers. Now if only it's third runway at Heathrow wasn't being held up by politics.

British Airways Passengers on Vegas Flight That Burned Sue Boeing

A novel approach to make the lawsuit entirely about safety rather than of a punitive nature against the airline and its employees. It should also be a cause of concern if it highlights weak maintenance practices of multiple carriers.

EasyJet and British Airways Won’t Return to Sinai Region This Year

So far the Egyptian government has done next to nothing to assure visitors it has any idea what it's doing to assure anyone's safety, rather they be Egyptians or tourists.

British Airways Parent Releases Profit Targets and Name of New BA CEO

IAG, which is Europe's third larget airline group, announced raised earnings targets and returns on invested capital.

Big Changes Coming for U.S. Travelers Using British Airways Points

The transformation of loyalty programs into ones that are better for airlines than they are for passengers is almost complete.

British Airways Owner’s Q3 Earnings Jump 39 Percent

Those profits could put it in a good position to make an acquisition or two.