Richard Branson Arrives in Detroit on Virgin Atlantic’s Inaugural Flight

It's a big show of support of Detroit, as well as Virgin Atlantic's continued growth in the U.S., post Delta's investment.

Virgin Cruises Hit With $300 Million Lawsuit For Stealing Idea From Norwegian’s Ex-CEO

Cruising isn't something that the newbie can get into without extensive help. It's unlikely Virgin could do anything here without Veitch. While his $300M+ payday wasn't guaranteed before, he may walk away with something similar if the court sees things his way.

Virgin Trains Beats Rivals to Win Lucrative Contract on London-Edinburgh Route

Privatization of UK rail lines has played out well for companies like Virgin, but it has yet to deliver value to the people riding the trains.

Virgin’s Richard Branson Writes Saucy Love Letter to Dallas Love Field

Branson may be a thorn in Southwest's side, but he's a charming one.

Dorchester Hotels Is Coming Out Swinging Against Its Critics

Cowdray is right to point out the complexity of global corporations and other shady investments, but that doesn't mean people are misguided by making connections between bad laws in one part of the world and economic decisions they make at home.

Documentary Film Investigates Branson, Missouri Beyond the Stereotypes

This is a portrayal of Branson, Missouri that you've never seen, and Missouri tourism officials are worried about how the destination will be portrayed in the documentary. Still, the filmmakers caution that those who rule out a future for Branson may be proven wrong. We'll see.

Virgin’s Richard Branson Addresses Tax Tourism, Government Warnings, More

Branson may have little day-to-day influence over his Virgin brands, but what he says about tourism can move the needle like few others.

Richard Branson Is a Global Traveler, International Tax Exile

Branson's far-flung business interests do give him claim as a global citizen -- as does owning his very own island. We can think of moves by other airline execs -- like $20 million dollar golden parachutes -- to get more worked up about.

Virgin Galactic Takes Second Supersonic Test Flight

This -- namely commercial flights for tourists in suborbital space -- is actually going to happen in the next couple of years. One small step for man, and one giant leap for Richard Branson, and competitors.