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BlackBerry 10’s six business traveler features may just sway you

BB's only hope going forward is the huge community of business users and travelers, those who still work in the corporateland, increasingly collaborate through remote work, but would still like consumer-driven features.

4 years ago

BlackBerry gets amnesty from U.S. Immigration

Maybe someone at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement got a sneak peek at BlackBerry 10. At least the agency will wait for its arrival before making a decision on switching to iOS.

4 years ago

NTSB drops Blackberry and switches to iPhone 5 contract

Despite the hoopla of recent days about the upcoming Blackberry 10, the NTSB, citing reliability concerns, isn't sticking around to see whether RIM has life.

4 years ago

Qantas ditches staff Blackberrys in favor of iPhones

What took so long?

4 years ago

BlackBerry’s recently announced camera lets you time travel

RIM's ailing smartphone product is losing ground, but it's new camera composite feature lets users combine the best moments to construct the perfect one.

4 years ago