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Nissan Targets World’s Tiniest Countries in Electric Car Push

The countries were targeted for their environmentally friendly mindset and relatively short car trips, but price still matters more than the green benefits to most consumers around the world.

3 years ago

Bhutan Gets a Second Airline with Launch of Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan's known for its happy people, which may have a direct relationship to how happy people are about fighting over checked bag fees and boarding passes at the airport.

3 years ago

Bhutan travel doc is the highest funded Kickstarter film project

Is this the way travel documentary funding will go in the future? Highly doubt more than a few quality-with-top-backers projects will ever get fully funded, travel bloggers should keep their hopes in check.

4 years ago

Tourism in Eastern India gets a boost from Bhutan’s recent tourism push

The only way to travel through Bhutan is on a tour, which is benefiting Eastern Indian tour companies who are expanding their itineraries to attract the influx of tourists looking for the "last Shangri-La."

4 years ago

World’s biggest blackout halts transportation in India for a second day

Although the power blackout has halted over 300 trains and clogged city traffic, New Delhi's airport continues to run on back-up energy supplies and borrowed energy from their neighbors in Bhutan.

4 years ago

Costa Rica’s “Happiest Country” push surely isn’t making Bhutan happy

It's refreshing that two countries are arguing over who's happier as opposed to, say, who has the loosest slots or is more welcoming to underage drinking.

4 years ago