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Seeking Scale, Best Western Debuts a New ‘White-Label’ Brand

Is Best Western's bet on a franchise model, its first in 70 years, a sure thing? We'll have to give SureStay some time to prove itself as a viable brand alternative for franchisees in the economy and midscale spaces, two categories that are often overlooked by the industry.

4 weeks ago

How Much It Pays to Book Direct Depends on the Hotel Brand

Not all hotel loyalty member rates are created equal, and it pays to read the fine print.

3 months ago

Best Western CEO on Airbnb, Direct Bookings and Virtual Reality

In any industry, C-level perspectives deliver some pretty sharp, sometimes surprising insights on what's really going on. Best Western CEO David Kong's observations are just that.

4 months ago

For Hotel CEOs, Understanding the Magic Behind Branding Has Never Been More Crucial

The biggest news from last week’s hospitality conferences was that there wasn’t much news. But where there was, it all had to do with a single theme: branding. Here’s why.

5 months ago

Best Western Goes All In on Its Virtual Reality Marketing Move

Everyone in travel and hospitality seems to be jumping onto the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon, but does VR really have the power to be as powerful a marketing tool as everyone thinks it is?

5 months ago

Ranking the Big Hotel Brands and Loyalty Programs by Customer Satisfaction

Although most of the rankings fall in line with what you'd normally expect, there were a few surprises. It's also clear hotels have some work to do when it comes to their food quality, amenities, and loyalty programs.

6 months ago

Hospitality Robots Show Off Tricks and Limitations at ITB Conference

Human empathy in hospitality is rather important, so we're pretty sure investment in humans will pay off better for brands in the long run.

8 months ago

Best Western Offers Independent Properties a Unique Choice

On one hand, best Western doesn't scream four-star comfort. On the other, they're not making these hotels pay big time just for the added distribution. It seems like a win-win for hotels that are better than good enough.

12 months ago

Best Western Gives Itself a Complete Brand Refresh and Launches Boutique Brand

We like the budget design approach of GLō, even if we don't understand the spelling or capitalization. Someone should tell Best Western that even millennials like simplicity.

1 year ago

Best Western CEO on Why America Needs a Secretary of Travel

It's astounding to realize the U.S. travel industry doesn't have its own White House cabinet position given the industry's size. Key players should use the 2016 presidential election as a vehicle to draw attention to the lack of such a position.

1 year ago

It’s Beginning: Onefinestay Pilot With Hyatt Highlights Sharing Economy Collaboration To Come

We've been watching how early adopters in business travel are beginning to partner with Uber and Airbnb. Likewise, segments of the hotel industry are beginning to accommodate the sharing economy. Five years from now that collaboration and cooptation will be in full swing.

1 year ago

Interview: Best Western CEO on Guests’ Ever-Rising Expectations

Best Western has overcome its brand reputation in recent years to be recognized for its international foot print as well as innovation online and within properties.

2 years ago