Missing Malaysia Airliner Is Driving TV News Ratings and Web Traffic

The loudest voices in the Malaysia Air coverage have excelled at driving ratings and pageviews. But they've done little to explain what's happening. Usually the best practice is to share information rather than un-informed speculation.

Rumors That Niagara Falls Froze Over Attract British Press

An online hoax claiming the Niagara Falls had frozen over initially attracted the BBC's interest, but its clip could have a positive impact that lasts long after temperatures rise again.

What the Lonely Planet Debacle Tells Us About the BBC

By all reports, the guidebook publisher floundered under the BBC and failed to even approach the synergies possible. It's telling that a young digital company out of Nashville seems to be making smarter moves than one of the world's most venerable broadcasters.

How and Why the BBC Messed Up its Acquisition of Lonely Planet

However BBC Trust wants to apportion the blame, the reality is the management screwed-up badly here: the people who BBC entrusted to make this happen, and the integration, and the the top management it brought in to run it. It should have named names.

Filming is Under Way for Three-Part BBC Documentary on British Airways

The documentary gives British Airways an opportunity to boost branding and announce new initiatives as the legacy carrier competes with low-cost airlines across Europe.

Lonely Planet hires CTO from within in first leadership move in post-BBC world

LP has a formidable challenge ahead of it as Google has signified that it wants to own travel and has the resources to reach consumers at every step of the way as well as hire whoever it wants to make this happen.

Twitter agrees: BBC screwed up its Lonely Planet business

BBC is taking the heat of a £80m loss in the office and very publicly online, which could lead to guide book acquisitions be approached with greater caution in the future. What are your thoughts on the sale?

BBC’s governing body criticizes Lonely Planet sale price for being too low

BBC Worldwide and Lonely Planet moved too slowly on digital, failed on mobile, and didn't anticipate the very rapid decline of guidebook after Kindle and e-readers took off. BBC Trust is right to criticize.

BBC confirms sale of Lonely Planet to U.S. billionaire

The most recognizable travel brand in the world just sold for less than half of what it was worth two years ago despite growing revenues. Here's hoping the new ownership will be able to better harness the brand's tremendous value.

Exclusive: BBC selling Lonely Planet to Kentucky cigarette billionaire Brad Kelley

This sale is a headscratcher, but BBC was keen on finding a buyer and looks like Kelley is the most price-elastic buyer it could find. Remains to be seen how the travel market and LP's shrinking-but-loyal userbase responds to this sale.