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5 Charts Showing the Rise in International Arrivals to Asia-Pacific Destinations

The power of the outbound Chinese traveler should not be underestimated.

9 months ago

London Will Again Be the Most Popular City for International Visitors in 2015

Another year reveals that arrivals and visitor growth in Asia continues to be the real story of international travel.

1 year ago

10 Most Instagrammed Places of 2014

It is no surprise that most of the locations are tourist destinations, with the exception of two sites in Russia.

2 years ago

Upscale Hostels Make New Inroads Into Thailand

While we find the term 'flashpackers' to be silly, we think the trend of cleaner, better hostels to be a compelling one that will quickly catch on.

2 years ago

Bangkok’s Struggling Hotels Want Military Junta to Lift Martial Law

It's hard to lure visitors back to a major destination when nobody is quite sure when the ruling military junta is going to have a change of heart.

2 years ago

Thailand’s Military Junta Says It May Re-Impose Curfew in Bangkok and Tourist Towns

There are other places for business and leisure travelers to go while Thailand figures out if it wants to be a police state or not.

2 years ago

Bangkok’s Soldiers Are Ready for Protests That Aren’t Materializing

"Those four people will be brought to the army camp to tune their political attitude later" -- what a frightening turn of phrase. Not one that makes you book a flight.

2 years ago

Thailand Puts Tourism as Top Priority, Gives Over $30 Million for Efforts

Good PR and a lifted curfew will make most visitors forget they're visiting a military dictatorship that's constantly on the brink of revolt.

2 years ago

Thailand’s Military Coup Results in Hundreds of Trip Cancellations

Like many destinations, tourists anticipating a trip are more concerned about safety than those already there, which in this case could significantly impact tourism to Thailand through at least the end of the year.

2 years ago

Thailand’s Hopes for Improved Tourism Dim as Political Unrest Grows

Thailand will have challenges luring people back, but disappointment in this year's numbers are that they aren't growing, not that they're dismal. Egypt, for instance, would love these numbers.

2 years ago

British Travelers Are Treating Bangkok’s Protests Like a Tourist Attraction

These bizarre, anti-democracy and pro-monarchy protests are the perfect sightseeing escape for British tourists. But then again, the food sounds delicious.

3 years ago

Thai Air Asia Isn’t Talking About Bangkok in its Promo Campaigns

It may seem inappropriate to cut out the capital, but it's an excellent way to keep the rest of the country's tourism business on track.

3 years ago