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Airline Giants Eye Avianca as Smart Latin American Foothold

Airlines know that Latin America may be down right now, but they also know that it will be up soon, and now is the time to get better positioned for the better days.

1 month ago

Delta and United Consider Bids to Buy Colombia’s Avianca

These aren't great times for South American airlines, but the market will improve, and Delta or United are in a good position to make a deeper investment in the region.

5 months ago

Latin American Airlines Consider Mergers to Help Them Rise out of the Doldrums

It's like the 2000s in North America all over again.

1 year ago

Azul and JetBlue Founder Neeleman Gets Majority Stake in TAP Airlines

It will be interesting to see how Neeleman and company position TAP. Will the center of Lusophone aviation shift to Brazil?

1 year ago

Portugal Reviewing New Bids From Avianca and Azul for Majority Stake in TAP

At the end of the day, Portugal needs to unload the airline, despite what Azul or Avianca finally offer for it.

1 year ago

Avianca Brasil Sits Out Rivals’ Fare Fight With Bet on Free Meals

Avianca Brasil won't make a profit this year but it is maintaining its share of corporate travel while Gol and Tam are struggling to attract business travelers and are resorting to discounting fares to fill seats.

1 year ago

The World’s Best Major Airlines for the Economy Long-Haul Experience

No doubt certain airlines and passengers will have something to say on how we could have made this rating system better, but we feel it’s a good start. Operators are standing by to take your calls with comments, but they don’t work for us and they may have no idea what you’re talking about.

2 years ago

Costa Rica to See New International Routes and New Airlines This Year

The more easy routes into Costa Rica from the U.S. and Latin America, the better.

2 years ago

Top 10 Most Popular Travel Brands on YouTube in May

Encourage your audience to revel in summer fun and dare them to broaden their cultural horizons.

2 years ago

World Cup Fans in Brazil May Get Stuck Up in the Air

It's all about the operations this summer in Brazil.

3 years ago

Brazilian Airlines Place Caps on World Cup Airfares, Load Up on Extra Routes

The airfare caps put pressure on Brazil's two largest airline to introduce similar measures. The airlines expect to recoup any losses by flying fuller planes and adding routes.

3 years ago

Star Alliance Convenes to Plot Strategy For Future Growth

Is the Star Alliance's future just about continuing with the cumbersome process of adding new airline members here or there, or does it have to formulate new strategies to confront the growth of Emirates and Etihad, for example, which aren't as enamored with traditional tie-ups?

3 years ago