Business Travelers Are Using Mobile Apps — But Not Necessarily the Way Employers Wish They Would

The holy grail for a travel manager would be an all-in-one app that travelers would actually want to use while staying within company policy — and on the radar in case of emergency. Goals are good.

Corporate Travel Embraces Chat-Based Apps With Hyper Travel Acquisition

Chat-based apps that use real travel agents are getting a lot of buzz; we're interested to see how they will fit into the corporate travel space.

Membership-Based Apps Try to Make Their Marks in Travel Booking

Several of these apps blend online and offline, and most are leveraging membership fees as a way to prosper. You know how this goes: One or two may prosper and the rest will be a footnote.

Google Is Planning on Launching a Travel Assistant App

Google tends to favor digital products over human-facing services but it's possible that a new "travel assistant app" could blend the two. Then again, they've tried this before.

Kayak Adds a Bot to Slack to Expand Booking Via Messaging Apps

Give Kayak credit for going where the users are and building a travel-search app on top of Slack. Is Slack the optimum way to plan a trip? Hardly. But there will be some users, who are chatting at the office in Slack all day, who could find it convenient. Messaging apps such as WhatsApp would be fertile ground as well.

Interview: Lola’s CEO Wants to Hack Mobile Trip Planning With Travel Agents

It's a bold idea and the software might turn out to be beautiful (bold and beautiful) but do leisure and business travelers at scale REALLY want to abandon self-booking tools in favor of human travel agent interaction on a mobile app? We are going to find out.

New Trends Report: Mobile App Strategies of Consumer Travel Brands

An in-depth look at how companies in the travel and hospitality industries can leverage mobile applications to better serve their customers and grow their businesses

Hyatt Tests Facebook Messenger as a Customer Service Channel

Hyatt is an early adopter of a new form of customer service for hotels: using Facebook Messenger to connect with guests, because in today's world, the key to being relevant is engaging with consumers on the platforms they are using.

Chimani Raising More Money for Its Offline Mobile National Park Apps

Offline and National Parks seems like a no-brainier, as does a good paper map that doesn't need to be recharged.

Avis Budget Is Betting Zipcar and Ride-Hailing Apps Will Put a Dent in Car Ownership

The Avis Budget CFO said its core business and Zipcar haven't felt a major impact from ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft. When the punch eventually comes it could be Zipcar that takes the body blow.