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Is China Holding the Marriott-Starwood Deal Hostage?

In China, anything is possible when it comes to antitrust clearance and there are a number of potential reasons why regulatory authorities there extended their review of the Marriott-Starwood merger. This prolonged waiting game could be part of a larger strategy to extract concessions and finish off part of what Anbang started in March.

2 months ago

Buying TripAdvisor: Would Antitrust Issues Kill a Priceline or Google Acquisition?

While one U.S. administration is getting ready to pack up things in the White House and Trump or Clinton hope to redecorate the place on their own, it could be an opportune time to sneak a Priceline-TripAdvisor or Google-TripAdvisor marriage past those sometimes-pesky antitrust regulators.

3 months ago

Booking.com’s Hotel Rate Practices Get Slapped Down in Germany

The German regulator's ruling to reject Booking.com's reformed hotel rate practices as not going far enough could be a landmark decision if it holds up upon appeal and if other European countries follow Germany's lead. Booking.com may have the leverage to inhibit hotel partners from getting carried away on discounting but the ruling is a victory for consumers nonetheless.

10 months ago

Airline Price Collusion Probe Targeting Shareholder Communications

1 year ago

Expedia’s Acquisitions: Orbitz Buy Caps Off 3 Years of Major Deals

It was a helluva ride but the Expedia-Orbitz deal was never in serious jeopardy because there is plenty of competition despite the Expedia-Travelocity-Orbitz consolidation. But if Expedia gets greedy in the future and uses its new powers unwisely, you can bet that regulators will pounce.

1 year ago

Expedia Antitrust Regulators Decide That Orbitz Is Too Small to Matter

We said all along that increased competition from Booking.com and TripAdvisor's burgeoning power as a hotel-booking site would be enough to get the Expedia-Orbitz deal approved. The Antitrust Division saw Google as an up-and-coming force in flight and hotel bookings, as well.

1 year ago

TripAdvisor Is a Key Focus of the Expedia-Orbitz Merger Investigation

TripAdvisor is already a must-have for travel marketers, including Expedia and Booking.com. But how big a force the Justice Department believes TripAdvisor will become in hotel booking in the near future could be an Orbitz-Expedia deal-maker or breaker.

1 year ago

Why the Justice Department Won’t Block Expedia-Orbitz Deal Despite the Noise

With the emergence of TripAdvisor and Google as online travel agency alternatives and Amazon waiting in the wings if it ever figures out what it wants to do in travel, all the signs point toward an increasingly competitive online travel agency market in the U.S. These are factors the DOJ will consider when mulling the Expedia-Orbitz deal.

1 year ago

Orbitz Shareholders Approve $1.3 Billion Expedia Merger

The shareholder vote on the Expedia deal at Orbitz Worldwide was never in doubt. The $1.3 billion transaction will likely get through the U.S. Department of Justice review, as well, although perhaps Expedia will have to make some concessions.

1 year ago

Google Makes Another Big Move Toward Dominating Hotel Search

Old metasearch sites, like old soldiers, don't die. They just fade away. That may be the case for Google Hotel Finder as Google's hotel listings right on the first search results page funnel users in a streamlined way to Google's hotel ads.

2 years ago

Google’s Antitrust Defense: Trust Us, We Know What’s Best

How deep will the concessions be that the European Commission will be able to coax out of Google? And will the U.S. Federal Trade Commission be embarrassed into action?

2 years ago

What Travel Companies Have Against Google on Antitrust Issues

Travel companies speaking out against the all-powerful Google walk a thin line because they are dependent on Google to widely varying degrees. They now have an apparent ally in the European Commission while the U.S. FTC opted out.

2 years ago