As Global Demand Slows, Airlines Defer Widebody Jet Orders

Airlines tend to follow each other, so expect more carriers to defer orders for big jets in the near future.

Airlines are Making a Fortune so Why Is Wall Street Complaining?

Airlines and Wall Street analysts are complaining about lower revenues, but that has been great news for consumers, who can take advantage of historically low ticket prices.

American Airlines Beats Estimates on Profits, Defers Aircraft Orders

The pack mentality is to cut growth plans for later this year to boost fares and that's exactly what American is doing.

U.S. Carriers Should Re-Think Gutting Benefits for Their Most Loyal Flyers

Sometimes generosity and taking care of your most loyal customers gives a halo that is not immediately visible, but can have long-term benefits and end up saving your skin.

American Airlines Slashes Partner Mileage Benefits

Those who fly on partner carriers and accrue miles to AAdvantage won't be happy with American's new unannounced changes to its loyalty program.

Orbitz Founding CEO Gets Backing From Major Airlines and Hotel Chains for ‘Experiences’ Startup

The Jeff Katz and Boston Consulting Group startup Dihedral -- with an assist from two major airlines and four hotel chains -- can turn out to be something huge or meander nowhere like some of the traveler journeys they'll be charting. Certainly the two have a track record and they are hitting all the right notes, including Big Data and experiences.

Major U.S. Airline Shares Get Boost After Analyst Finds Positive Signs

One week an analyst says investors should dump airline stocks. The next, another recommends buying airline shares. Who can keep track?

American Air Has Two New Very Profitable Credit Card Loyalty Deals

Despite the radical changes to airline loyalty programs, the branded credit card remains one of the industry's most profitable and productive marketing programs.

American’s New International Premium Economy Will Begin as a Free Upgrade for Elites

American's international Premium Economy is a significant upgrade from standard economy -- and for a while, their best passengers will be able to try it out for free.

American Airlines’ New Premium Economy Cabin Will Beat U.S. Rivals to Market

First class shrinks more and more as airlines push reimagined business and economy class products geared more to the modern traveler.