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Finally, Some Airlines Are Optimistic About South America

It looks like Latin America has finally hit rock-bottom for airlines. But it will be some time before airlines are making major profits in South America.

1 week ago

American Elites Are Unhappy With the New AAdvantage Loyalty Program — Skift Business Traveler

American changed its AAdvantage loyalty program to a revenue-based model earlier this year and its members seem to be angrier than usual. But is the furor enough for American to act?

2 weeks ago

Republic Airways Hopes New Deal With American Airlines Will Return it From Bankruptcy

The U.S. airline industry, from low-cost to legacy carriers, has struggled with pilot pay and contracts in recent years. Republic might be rejoicing for now but until American consents to increase the number of flights the bankrupt airline provides its future remains foggy.

3 weeks ago

For Foreseeable Future, American and US Airways Flight Attendants Will Fly Separately

US Airways and American closed their merger more than two and a half years ago, but for many customers and employees, it still feels like two airlines. This will ensure that's the case for longer than anyone wants.

3 weeks ago

United Poaches American Airlines President Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby, known for his strong financial acumen, could be the savior United's investors have been seeking.

4 weeks ago

American Airlines’ New Ad Campaign Wants to Humanize the Airline

American has gone more high-end with its new advertising campaign.

4 weeks ago

U.S. Government Fines Airlines for Not Disclosing Bumping Compensation

Airlines prefer to keep the compensation rules murky. It helps them wheel and deal at the departure gate when necessary.

4 weeks ago

The State of Airline Upgrades for the Big 3 U.S. Carriers

Consistently getting upgrades requires cold-hard cash and the loyalty that brings from the airlines.

4 weeks ago

American Airlines Quietly Experiments With Disrupting Its Award Ticket Pricing

It's becoming clear that airlines are not done with their loyalty experimentation.

1 month ago

American Airlines Is Struggling With On-Time Performance

Airlines like to strike a delicate balance with on-time performance. They want to be reliable, but they don't necessarily want sky-high on-time rates. An always-punctual operation is expensive.

1 month ago

Domestic In-Flight Entertainment Is Now Free on American, Delta and United

With American Airlines capitulating, in-flight entertainment on all three legacy carriers is now completely free. The next phase of competition will likely revolve around the quality of that content with each airline trying to out-do the other.

1 month ago

Delta’s Hardline Stance Limits its Ability to Rebook Passengers on Rival Airlines

A good operational meltdown like Delta's should make travelers nostalgic for the good old days, when carriers regularly cooperated to help each other's passengers.

1 month ago