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Why United, American and Delta Fear Ultra Low Cost Competition, Explained

American, United, and Delta are all introducing no-frills fares to try to thwart Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit. It might work, or it might not. But it's worth a shot. The Big 3 do not want any of the discount airlines to grow to be as large and powerful as Ryanair.

2 days ago

American and United Aren’t Yet Ready to Compete With Spirit Air on Price

It's a short reprieve, but this is good news for travelers. For the next couple of months, they can buy the cheapest tickets on American and United and still get all the perks that the airlines offer to customers who buy pricier tickets.

5 days ago

Here’s Why American, United and Delta’s On-Time Stats Should Dip

The fact that big airlines have not had to report on-time statistics for their regional brands never made sense. Under this new system, travelers will know more about the reliability of their favorite airlines.

6 days ago

American Airlines Earnings Hurt by Too Many Empty Seats and Pricey Labor

American Airlines was hit by both rising costs and declining revenue in its third quarter. It will need to keep a close eye on both in the winter months if it is going to end the year on a high.

6 days ago

United Airlines Is Improving But Now It Needs to Deliver

United has engendered a lot of goodwill because of the hirings of Oscar Munoz as CEO and later Scott Kirby as president but investors are impatient to see better bottom-line performance.

1 week ago

American Airlines Chooses to Raise Fares as it Scales Back Expansion

Airlines are going to have to find the right balance between the dirt-cheap fares that everyone says they want and the packed flights that everyone says they hate.

2 weeks ago

Airlines Ask DOT for Permission to Collude Over a Debt Collection

This is a highly unusual request for U.S. carriers to seek a reprieve from antitrust immunity from the Department of Transportation so they can figure out how to be more powerful debt collectors in Venezuela. It shouldn't cause too many antitrust concerns although it's difficult to see how the group effort to pressure Venezuela would do much good.

3 weeks ago

American Airlines Finally Finishing Post-Merger Pilot Integration

American Airlines has streamlined its flight operations following its merger with US Airways. We'll see how smoothly things go once its 15,000 pilots have been rolled into one workforce.

4 weeks ago

Finally, Some Airlines Are Optimistic About South America

It looks like Latin America has finally hit rock-bottom for airlines. But it will be some time before airlines are making major profits in South America.

1 month ago

American Elites Are Unhappy With the New AAdvantage Loyalty Program — Skift Business Traveler

American changed its AAdvantage loyalty program to a revenue-based model earlier this year and its members seem to be angrier than usual. But is the furor enough for American to act?

2 months ago

Republic Airways Hopes New Deal With American Airlines Will Return it From Bankruptcy

The U.S. airline industry, from low-cost to legacy carriers, has struggled with pilot pay and contracts in recent years. Republic might be rejoicing for now but until American consents to increase the number of flights the bankrupt airline provides its future remains foggy.

2 months ago

For Foreseeable Future, American and US Airways Flight Attendants Will Fly Separately

US Airways and American closed their merger more than two and a half years ago, but for many customers and employees, it still feels like two airlines. This will ensure that's the case for longer than anyone wants.

2 months ago