U.S. Government Fines Airlines for Not Disclosing Bumping Compensation

Airlines prefer to keep the compensation rules murky. It helps them wheel and deal at the departure gate when necessary.

The State of Airline Upgrades for the Big 3 U.S. Carriers

Consistently getting upgrades requires cold-hard cash and the loyalty that brings from the airlines.

American Airlines Quietly Experiments With Disrupting Its Award Ticket Pricing

It's becoming clear that airlines are not done with their loyalty experimentation.

American Airlines Is Struggling With On-Time Performance

Airlines like to strike a delicate balance with on-time performance. They want to be reliable, but they don't necessarily want sky-high on-time rates. An always-punctual operation is expensive.

Domestic In-Flight Entertainment Is Now Free on American, Delta and United

With American Airlines capitulating, in-flight entertainment on all three legacy carriers is now completely free. The next phase of competition will likely revolve around the quality of that content with each airline trying to out-do the other.

Delta’s Hardline Stance Limits its Ability to Rebook Passengers on Rival Airlines

A good operational meltdown like Delta's should make travelers nostalgic for the good old days, when carriers regularly cooperated to help each other's passengers.

American to Raise Ground Worker Pay Under New Interim Contract

Buying labor peace is costly, but it something American believes is vital to its long-term interests.

You Can Soon Fly to Cuba – but Only After Satisfying All the Rules

Savvy travelers know they can't just board a plane and fly to Cuba. But do casual tourists? They may not know all that is required, which could cause problems for airlines.

American’s Pilots Warn of Consequences From New On-Time Push

It's never easy know whether pilots are actually concerned about new guidelines, or if they're talking safety to try to pressure management to make other changes.

As Global Demand Slows, Airlines Defer Widebody Jet Orders

Airlines tend to follow each other, so expect more carriers to defer orders for big jets in the near future.