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Cheap Airfares are About to Vanish as U.S. Airlines Tighten Capacity

Airfares don't feel particularly cheap -- anecdotally speaking -- but things can always get worse (from a consumer perspective). Next week will punctuate where airfares are heading as United and American report their third quarter results.

1 week ago

U.S. Airlines and Investors Say Cheap Airfares Won’t Stick Around Next Year

Many travelers have enjoyed cheaper than usual airfares in recent months. But that's all part of a cycle that's about to change as U.S. airlines look to increase revenues and curb seat growth amid terrorist attacks and unfavorable currencies.

3 months ago

Southwest Lowers Fares While Delta Raises Some, For Now

Airlines' practice of matching or occasionally not matching competitors' fares is a contact sport. Virgin America's David Cush thinks carriers would be better-served competition on product where practical. It would be an uphill fight.

6 months ago

Delta Drops Fee For Tickets Bought at Airports and Over The Phone

Delta gets a few brownie points for less hate-selling. That's beside the fact that about 20 percent of the U.S. population still doesn't use the Internet.

6 months ago

U.S. Domestic Flights Continue to Get Cheaper

Now it's only a matter of time until airlines raise airfare prices once again, despite their huge push for revenue through ancillaries and fees.

10 months ago

Business Travelers Should Expect More Expensive Flights and Hotels

Savings for travel managers in the car rental space will likely be offset by airfare and hotel room rate increases worldwide.

11 months ago

American Express Q3 Earnings Hit by Lower Airfares and Co-Branded Card Costs in Travel

American Express pushed its travel business off the official books to a great extent with its joint venture for American Express Global Business Travel but Amex's credit card business is still very much tied to airline relationships.

1 year ago

In a Shocker, It’s Been an Historic Summer for Plunging Airfares

Reduced airfares are great for consumers, but it's still unclear how much travelers are seeing in the lower fares that the Bureau of Labor Statistics' data suggest are out there.

1 year ago

8 Charts That Show the Outlook for Global Airfares and Hotel Rates in 2016

Emerging economies will grow faster than advanced economies during 2016 and that has several implications for the cost of travel.

1 year ago

U.S. Senator Sides With Booking Sites on Airfare Transparency

Does Apple have to sell its computers and iPhones on every retail site? Senator Schumer is arguing that airlines have to display their fares on major online travel agency sites although Southwest hasn't done so for eons.

1 year ago

Why Travelers Don’t Care That U.S. Hotels Are More Expensive This Summer

More time is spent in the hotel room than between two people on an airplane anyway, so it makes sense that travelers are willing to pay more for the hotel experience they want.

1 year ago

Airfares Could Fall a Bit as Record Number of Passengers Set to Fly This Summer

U.S. airlines are adding capacity this summer by flying larger planes and cramming in more seats. Airfares are expected to drop a bit, which is a good thing for consumers and worrisome for the airlines.

1 year ago