How Abu Dhabi Airport Prepares for 45 Million Passengers

Abu Dhabi is preparing for dramatic growth ahead of demand by modernizing IT systems and introducing more automation to the passenger process. This is a general trend at major international hubs, which serve as convenient transfer terminals for extra long-haul flights, and want to have passengers spending more time shopping or dining and less time standing in line.

The Persian Gulf Will Be the World’s Next Big Convention Destination

While there's significant interest among U.S. associations to organize conventions in the Arabian Middle East, only one third have done so due to a young regional industry in the Gulf still learning how to engage Western convention planners.

Abu Dhabi Louvre and Guggenheim Outposts Still Have Human Rights Problems

The U.S. institutions have specialized in turning a blind eye into what goes on abroad in their name.

Abu Dhabi Airport’s U.S. Customs Pre-Clearance Program Is Extended

It's a great convenience for travellers to cut down the delays on arrival.

More Hotels and More Flights by Etihad Drive Abu Dhabi Growth

Over a 25% year over year growth is either a math error or a sign of a number of different things working for Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Hotels Roll Out Promotions to Drive End of Ramadan Tourism

A full week off for a family-themed holiday is every destination's dream of tourism gold.

5 Reasons Why Tourism Is Poised to Explode in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

While the United Arab Emirates diversifies its economy by leveraging its location as a global air axis, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are aggressively preparing for visitor numbers that will dwarf those of today.

Big Three Gulf Airlines Chart a Path to Global Dominance

Non-Gulf airlines don't yet have a clear strategy to slow down these three rivals. They need one soon.

Etihad Reports Record Profits of $62 Million, Formalizes Growing Airline Network

The airline's 48% income jump suggests that its quasi-alliance is working and that it's set to grow. The airline's new aviation group is its first step towards formalizing its partnerships into an even more official network.