Skift Global Forum 2016: Secrets of Truly Innovative Hotel Groups

The merger of The Standard Hotels and Bunkhouse Group was based on their like-minded mission to build each hotel as a one-off experience in an effort to build bigger communities around their brands.

Big Hotel Chains Ditch Full-Service Properties in Favor of the Light-Touch Approach

The growth of select-service brands from the major hotel companies isn't slowing down at all, and for good reason: They're easier to finance, build, and there's a clear demand for them. In short, it's a clear sign that hotels are learning to listen to what customers really want, as well as adapt to the new on-demand economy.

New Loyalty Program Rankings Reveal a Growing Points Divide for Travel Brands

U.S. News & World Report's rankings have always skewed more toward leisure travelers than road warriors, but this year's lists show a growing difference between brands that choose to appeal to the majority of consumers versus those who choose to reward frequent business travelers or big spenders.

Casinos in the Northeastern U.S. are Reaching a Saturation Point

Does the northeastern U.S. really need more casino resorts, especially when established gaming destinations like Atlantic City are struggling? Or is demand for these types of gaming-entertainment complexes so much that it justifies this slew of new resorts? We'll see how it all plays out.

Demolition of the Riviera Casino in Vegas Will Give Way to a Bigger Convention Center

In a town like Vegas where reinvention is a constant, it's no surprise that this historic property is giving way to something newer and bigger. Expanding the city's convention center seems like a solid bet, especially since Vegas is one of the top meeting and convention cities in the U.S. (if not the world). But what happens if/when the economy slumps again and meetings slow down as they did in 2008 and 2009?

Data Breach Impacts 20 Properties From Major Hotel Chains

Again, we have to ask: Why aren't hotels doing more to prevent these kinds of credit card data breaches, and why does it take operators so long to inform their customers?

Craft Brewery Hotel to Tap Into Local, Experiential Trends

This was inevitable. As lifestyle hotels dive deeper into specific preferences and tastes, it’s no wonder that one of the biggest craft brewers in the U.S. has decided to capitalize on the incredible rise of craft beer tourism licensing its name for a new hotel, complete with a beer garden, of course.

5 Reasons Why InterContinental Hotels Group Is Ripe for an Acquisition

The idea that being bigger is better in the hospitality industry is one that isn’t going away anytime soon. IHG, whether it might be the target of an acquisition or an acquirer, is in a solid position for both scenarios. And the company could probably use a bit of a jolt in terms of innovation and global growth.

Is Morgans Hotel Group’s Merger Deal in Jeopardy?

As Morgans Hotel Group's own SEC filings have shown, it desperately needs to be bought by someone. New revelations suggest that the company’s deal with SBE might be in question.

New Micro Brand Arlo Hotels To Battle Macro Trends and Established NYC Competitors

Kudos to Pavlov and Schumer for trying to start their own hotel brand in one of the toughest markets in the country. Whether the micro-hotel trend has staying power beyond New York and other cramped cities, however, is still a question mark. Standing out as a new brand will be a challenge, especially in a hospitality market already inundated with a multitude of brands, many with the same design concepts and aesthetics as Arlo.