Video: Marriott CEO on the Virtues of Scale and Loving All 30 Brands

Marriott's CEO was just coming off one of the bigger wins in his career. The future holds some of the bigger challenges.

2 weeks ago

New Data Suggests Airbnb’s Impact on Hotels Is Less Than Perceived

This report seems to suggest hoteliers don't have much to worry about when it comes to Airbnb but we're dealing more with apples and oranges here than apples and apples.

2 weeks ago

Marriott’s M Beta Hotel Is a Working Laboratory on the Future of Its Brand

We're totally onboard with hotel companies that are taking this kind of all-in approach to reinventing their brands, especially ones that have been around for so long, like Marriott. Let's just hope Marriott can do the same with Sheraton, too, and all those other 28 brands it has.

2 weeks ago

Wyndham Fails to Make a Play for Starwood Loyalty Members

If Wyndham had succeeded in luring away SPG members who aren't necessarily elite or top-tier-level members, that would have been a big win for the company, whose portfolio skews more toward economy and midscale brands. But alas, this promotion was proof that even the best-laid plans may not always work--and it pays to pay more attention to how you set it all up.

2 weeks ago

Melia Hotels Says the Lower Pound Is Driving Americans to the UK

There has been plenty of negative fallout for the UK since the Brexit vote, but it sounds like increased tourism to Britain could be a silver lining.

2 weeks ago

Half of U.S. Hotel Employees Don’t See Education or Skills Training as Essential

Hotel employees have plenty of reasons to make them weary of training and education such as exorbitant college costs and intimidating technology. Hoteliers need to persuade employees that they support their education and training, and it's also a vehicle for employees to be creative and more autonomous in their day-to-day jobs.

2 weeks ago

Wyndham Rewards Tops Another List of Loyalty Program Rankings

This survey, which had Wyndham as its winner, only looked at the value you get when you redeem your points for free nights, and it didn't necessarily take into account other loyalty program perks or benefits that can transform a guest into a loyal customer.

3 weeks ago

The Hotel Lab in Hong Kong Training Future Hospitality Leaders

The world is in dire need of better, more realistic hospitality training and accreditation. Hospitality and social environments will only continue to grow as we desire to get off of our phones, look up from screens and take in generous hospitality and be surrounded by others in lively environments.

3 weeks ago

Red Lion’s Acquisition of Vantage Hospitality Is Complete

For about $27 million and change, this deal, for 1,000 hotel properties, was definitely a steal for Red Lion.

3 weeks ago

Donald Trump Thought His Presidential Campaign Would Be Good For His Hotels

By every single measure, the campaign has been terrible for his properties. Anything else is, like much of what this man says, a lie.

3 weeks ago

Seeking Scale, Best Western Debuts a New ‘White-Label’ Brand

Is Best Western's bet on a franchise model, its first in 70 years, a sure thing? We'll have to give SureStay some time to prove itself as a viable brand alternative for franchisees in the economy and midscale spaces, two categories that are often overlooked by the industry.

3 weeks ago

Former Starwood CEO Thinks Timing of Marriott Deal Wasn’t Best for Shareholders

Here's the former Starwood CEO's take on what's happening in the hospitality industry now, and why brands need to work harder than ever to be more agile and flexible in dealing with disruption. Oh, and he thinks the Marriott-Starwood deal could have been better for shareholders and employees.

4 weeks ago