What Americans Really Think About Airbnb and Home-Sharing

Should hotels be as worried about Airbnb and home-sharing as headlines seem to suggest? That depends, suggests a new study from the Pew Research Center.

Bank of America Says Airbnb and Weak Business Travel Are Hurting Hotels

Bank of America seems late to the party as well as unclear what's happening at the party.

The 10 Most Highly Compensated Hotel CEOs of 2015

Despite troubles in Macau, the usual suspects — namely gaming CEOs — took home the most money in 2015, with Wyndham’s CEO grabbing the No. 2 spot.

South Korean Hotel and Duty Free Giant Plans IPO Amidst Family Power Struggle

We've almost forgot what a travel brand IPO looks like.

Skift Survey: Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid Is Bad for His Hotel Business

Trump's candidacy could turn out to be a huge — or should we say "YUGE" — challenge for the Trump travel brand.

Hotel CEOs Reflect on the Oil Industry’s Business Impact

Lower oil prices may translate to more road trips for leisure travelers, and better margins for airlines, but they tend to have a negative impact on hotels, especially in terms of corporate travel.

How Hotels Are Failing to Take Advantage of TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor can be a hotel brand's best friend, especially when it comes to search, suggests this new report from L2.

Airbnb Debate Over Short-Term Rentals Moves to Chicago

We'll continue to see this play out in city after city until some city or some sharing economy brand comes up with a good solution.

This Is 2016. Why Can’t We Still Book Specific Rooms in a Hotel?

In an age where almost anything can be on-demand and every hotel company says it wants to personalize and customize hotel guest experience, why is it still so hard for us to get the exact room we want to stay in?

4 Weird Things That Hotels Are Doing and Why They Might Matter

Are we guilty of succumbing to these gimmicky PR stunts by writing about them here? Guilty as charged. But as outlandish or strange as some of these things may sound, they do speak to some bigger trends we're seeing in hospitality. Promise.