Trump Hotels Fined for Not Telling Guests About Data Breach

Can anyone remember a time when not telling consumers about a data breach turned out to be a good idea?

4 days ago

Marriott Makes Plans to Double Workforce in Africa and the Middle East

If Marriott wants growth, it will find it here and in Asia. Starwood's expertise in these regions will certainly come in handy.

4 days ago

Marriott Has Its Sights on Expedia and Priceline Now That Starwood Buy Is Complete

The combination of loyalty and direct booking to battle the OTAs is the greatest power hotels have right now. But in the long-haul, should this be the most important battle for hotels to be fighting?

5 days ago

Marriott-Starwood Merger Finally Approved and 11 Other Hospitality Trends This Week

These are the hospitality trends we were talking about this week.

5 days ago

This Greek Refugee Camp Is Being Converted Into a Luxury Resort

It's a real shame when, in the interests of making money and working under the guise of improving the economy through tourism, governments and corporations so carelessly neglect those most in need. We seriously hope the Greek government and the developers behind this project come up with a solution for the refugees.

5 days ago

The Divide Between Trump’s Hotel Guests and Political Supporters Couldn’t Be Any Bigger

Further proof that politics really can be bad for business.

6 days ago

Marriott’s First Move Is Combining Its Loyalty Program With Starwood’s

Getting the loyalty programs to match right out of the gate is an excellent signal to the SPG members most worried about the merger.

6 days ago

Marriott CEO Interview: Buying Starwood and Its $13 Billion Bet on Loyalty

That didn't take too long now, did it? In all seriousness, however, this mega-merger was certainly a long one in the making, filled with plenty of twists and turns. Now, we hope, comes the even more interesting part in the next chapter of the story.

6 days ago

Next Year Is Going To Be Even Harder Than 2016 For London Hotels

With more hotel rooms coming online, the threat from Airbnb and Brexit concerns, it's probably safe to say that 2017 is going to be very tough for London hotels.

7 days ago

Skift Podcast: How Hostels Are Trying to Move Beyond the Backpacker

As hostels become more focused on design, events, and dining, we're not surprised that a new crowd of travelers are discovering the option.

1 week ago

Starwood Capital Reorganizes UK Hotel Group Under the New Principal Brand

Starwood Capital has gradually been building up its UK presence over the past few years through a series of acquisitions. This rebrand into two distinct units will help it boost brand recognition across the market.

1 week ago

Starwood’s Hospitality Legacy After the Marriott Merger

Starwood Hotels & Resorts as we know it may be going away now that it'll be owned by Marriott International, but its history of innovation has had a lasting impact on the hospitality industry as a whole.

1 week ago