Overwater Bungalows Are Coming to Mexico and the Caribbean

For that quintessential South Pacific experience of staying in an overwater bungalow, travelers need only head to the Caribbean now.

Following Tragedy in Nice, France, EasyJet, Marriott Waive Their Fees

Onefinestay CEO Interview: ‘The Full-Service Hotel Is Dead’

Whether or not you agree with Marsh's take on some established tenets of the hospitality business, his progressive, disruptive viewpoints are worth more than just a look.

Two Hospitality Brands, Two Different Virtual Reality Marketing Strategies

Although consumer access to virtual reality equipment is still fairly limited, these hospitality brands are leveraging the technology in novel ways, all in the hopes of telling new stories to their guests.

TripAdvisor CEO’s Answer to Critic: We’ve Done More Than ‘Experts’ Ever Could

TripAdvisor has taken a few lumps in the UK and the bashing by a prominent UK critic in The Guardian undoubtedly was a factor in Kaufer's decision to pen a rare, formal response to a pundit.

5 Big Takeaways for Hoteliers From This Year’s J.D. Power Hotel Guest Satisfaction Rankings

If this year’s study is any indication, it’s clear guests are expecting a whole lot more from hotels than they have before in the coming year.

Disney Will Get Millions from Anaheim to Build a New Luxury Hotel in California

Anaheim's mayor is angry that Disney took advantage of a controversial tax incentive, but guests probably won't care about the politics of how the hotel got built. The $450-a-night bill might not make them happy though.

Accor Will Sell off Unit Charged With Buying and Building Properties

Accor continues to be one of the most innovative hotel companies out there and it's clear they're gearing up for bigger acquisitions and growth with this latest move.

Why Inflation and Rising Wages Could Be Good News for Hotels

The ability to change hotel room rates will give hoteliers an edge in making sure they stay profitable, even if labor costs rise, and even if we might be headed for another economic downturn as some financial analysts suspect.

Accor Finalizes $2.7 Billion Purchase of Fairmont Raffles

AccorHotels is making some smart, strategic moves, whether it's buying up luxury alternative accommodations provider Onefinestay or adding these three storied luxury brands to its hotel collection.