New Skift Trends Report: A Strategic Deep Dive Into Latin America’s 20 Largest Hotel Chains

Latin America's lodging industry remains very interesting to local and global investors alike. Economic headwinds and political upheavals have slowed but not stalled some of the world's largest hotels groups from capitalizing on opportunity in the region.

Marriott and Starwood Say Their Deal Is Taking Longer Than They Hoped

Recent reports alleging that Marriott has "buyer's remorse" about the deal, while scintillating, don't seem very logical when you think of all the effort both Marriott and Starwood have put into making this deal a reality.

Hotels Ditch Full-Service and 5 Other Hospitality Trends This Week

These are the hospitality trends we were talking about this week.

Robert De Niro’s Hotel Business Expands to London

De Niro's global hotel empire continues to grow.

The New Los Angeles Hotel Handcrafted for Cocktail Snobs

If they're as good at hospitality as they are at crafting cocktails, make ours a double.

Does Dubai Really Need Another Big Luxury Hotel?

Is there a real demand among travelers for robotic luggage handlers, 3-D mapping technology, or a massive rainforest? When is too much just too much, or do we need these types of hotels to remind us of what we can achieve when it comes to hospitality? Or when it comes to Dubai, does extravagance equate to authenticity?

Steve Wynn Is Betting $4.2 Billion on His Latest Casino Resort

Is there still demand for these mega resort-casinos in Macau? We'll see soon after the opening of Wynn Palace and The Parisian this fall.

Corporate Travel Is Bracing for the Impact of the Marriott-Starwood Merger

It could still be several weeks before the Marriott-Starwood deal is wrapped up — and much longer before the two companies are integrated — but travel buyers and travel management companies are wise to start preparing now for eventual negotiations with the bulked-up company.

Hotels Increasingly Offer Safety and Stereotypes in Rooms for Solo Women

Dukes Hotel’s new female-specific rooms highlight personal safety, but they also reinforce gender stereotypes. The bigger question is: Do they really think these measures are serving women better or is the real goal to use women as a marketing gimmick?

Skift Global Forum 2016: Secrets of Truly Innovative Hotel Groups

The merger of The Standard Hotels and Bunkhouse Group was based on their like-minded mission to build each hotel as a one-off experience in an effort to build bigger communities around their brands.