Welcome to the third annual State of Travel deck.

This follows our 2014 Global deck and our 2015 European deck. We are launching this year’s State of Travel presentation to coincide with the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit that opens today in Dallas, TX.

The 2016 State of Travel deck– with 130+ pages — draws from our daily coverage of the global travel industry, from our ongoing series of Skift Trends Reports, and also incorporates expert research from throughout the travel industry.

It helps frame the current global travel landscape through the lens of data, tables, charts, and graphs. From developments and new steps in specific verticals to the wide-ranging and ever-shifting nature of travelers’ choices and passions, the following 100+ slides represent significant measures of the industry during the past year and beyond.

The full 137-page deck is embedded here, or you can download for free, below!

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