The first-ever Skift India Summit took place in Delhi-NCR in March 2024 at a critical time as India expands its global travel influence and international brands vie for a piece of its growing domestic market.

Attendees deciphered the industry’s big trends, with discussions exploring how brands can tap into the potential of India’s growing traveler base, the role of embassies in supporting international travel, and strategies for sustainable travel growth.

In this report, Skift partnered with Minor Hotels to compile key insights, highlight memorable moments, and offer tangible takeaways from industry leaders drawn directly from conversations at this year’s inaugural event.

Topics Covered in this Report

  • How can travel brands tap into the surge in Indian travelers?
  • What changes does India need to make to support its travel boom?
  • How can travel brands grow and expand within India?
  • Does India have what it takes to become an outbound travel superpower?
  • What role can embassies play in encouraging international travel?
  • How are Indian travel startups transforming the industry?
  • What are the main challenges online travel agents face in India?
  • How should the travel industry address its contributions to climate change?
  • What emerging trends in India should the global travel industry pay attention to?