Hospitality is the heart and soul of the travel industry. Whether you’re a marketer for an airline, hotel, car rental company, or Online Travel Aggregator (OTA), your success is proportional to the happiness of your customer base—and with a wealth of digital marketing resources at your fingertips, you have what appears to be an infinite number of options to reach and engage travelers. The opportunity for building in-depth buyer relationships has never been greater. There’s one challenge standing in the way: there is no universal way to track people across their many devices.


What you can expect to read in the report:

  • Learn what barriers exist for effective cross-device targeting.
  • See what challenges and opportunities exist in the travel industry.
  • Read perspectives from travel sector leaders at brands like Hyatt and Hotwire.
  • See the leading retargeting solution’s take on the future of cross-device targeting tech.


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