This trends report investigates the evolution of the luxury traveler, and what it means in Mexico. Upscale travelers aren’t what they used to be, especially in Mexico. The days when a typical luxury vacation focused mostly on long stretches of sand, posh hotels and pampering spas aren’t gone, of course. But they’ve evolved to include a far wider range of activities and destinations, often far from any beach, as travelers seek more authentic experiences and a closer connection with local culture. The sometimes-overused buzzword in the industry is “experiential,” but it certainly applies to what many suppliers are aiming to emphasize in Mexico’s luxury travel segment.

The Mexico Tourism Board, meanwhile, is recognizing the evolution not only of upscale travelers but of the general travel public, with an ambitious new program that just might revolutionize how the organization targets various market segments. The new strategy is centered around what the group calls a “digital ecosystem” — an interrelated series of projects designed to help the industry better understand travelers.


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