Tahiti, part of the French Polynesia and its 120 sister islands is proposing to limit the number of tourists it takes to about one tourist per inhabitant, according to a new sustainability focused “slow-tourism” five year plan, reports Radio New Zealand.

The head of Tahiti Tourisme Jean-Marc Mocellin said that they are proposing setting a cap of 300,000 visitors a year, and said the number is achievable but should not be exceeded in order to have a ratio of one tourist to one inhabitant. The aim of the new approach is also to have visitors stay for longer and for them to meet the local population.

This 300,000 number is the same number of visitors French Polynesia islands had in 2019, its historical record. About 90,000 people visited the islands in 2021. 

More details on its five-year plan in this PDF below: