Berlin-based hospitality brand Numa Group has acquired Dutch aparthotels operator YAYS Group from Proprium Capital Partners. The companies did not disclose details of the deal. 

But the deal was likely funded with Numa’s latest fundraising round in September. Numa raised $59 million and said the funds will be used for expansion across Europe. 

Together the combined entity holds over 5,200 units. 

YAYS Group operated 489 units across the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, which will now be added to Numa’s portfolio. YAYS Group was taken over by Proprium Capital Partners in 2017. 

Numa was founded in 2019 by Christian Gaiser, Dimitri Chandogin, Gerhard Maringer, and Inga Laudiero. Gaiser’s isn’t new to hospitality — growing up in a family hotel in the Black Forest in Germany. Meanwhile the other co-founders come from financial services.

Its portfolio consists of 4,500 units, in ten countries and across 28 major European cities including Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Barcelona and Paris. Its latest addition being 24 units in two properties in Madrid. 

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