Spotify and Delta Air Lines have launched a new video series as part of their on-going partnership.

The content – which is being coined as a new social docu-series – will follow creatives as they travel to a twin city that shares similar cultural and historical identities, where they will be hosted by local artists as they explore the destination’s food, culture, and history. 

According to a release from the streaming service, the Passport Sessions has been designed to showcase ‘how artists and their music can influence cultures on the other side of the world.’ 

“Music has a powerful way of uniting people, whether through shared musical tastes, influences, favorite artists, or culture,” said Enrique Marquez Paris, Songwriter and Publishing Relations Manager at Spotify in the release. 

“By bringing together emerging artists, songwriters, and producers from different parts of the world, The Passport Sessions give a rare glimpse into the songwriting process, showing firsthand how music and travel can inspire new connections and, ultimately, new art.”

The series will be available for passengers to watch for free in-flight, and you can take a look at episode one below.

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