Qatar Airways has revealed its latest onboard theme song, ‘The Ascent’, which has been composed by Dana Al Fardan and performed by members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

‘The Ascent’ marks the trilogy of the two previous onboard theme songs, ‘The Awakening’ and ‘The Dawn’.

Credit: Qatar Airways

The theme song, introduces a unique fusion of Arabic charm intertwined with classical music, achieved through the incorporation of traditional Arabic instruments such as the Ney and the Rababa alongside the piano, violin, viola, and cello.

“As a composer, I really want to capture the sounds from my country and explore the nuances of different Arabic instruments, rhythmic patterns, and flourishes. The idea is to preserve the authenticity of one style of sound and build it into another in a way that fits without one having to accommodate the other by deconstructing itself,” Said Dana Al Fardan.

“Music is a universal language, and at Qatar Airways we have chosen a theme song that uplifts the passengers and transcends them to a wonderful destination. I am proud of Dana Al Fardan, not only is she showcasing our Qatari culture through sophisticated art, but her onboard music has also become synonymous with Qatar Airways’ brand identity. It is now directly associated with travel, culture, and luxury. It brings me great pleasure to welcome passengers onboard with the rhythms of Dana’s new symphony,” Said,  His Excellency, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group.

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