Japan Airlines (JAL) and Sumitomo Corporation are set to trial ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’, a new clothes sharing service.

The service has been designed to offer travelers the convenience of carrying minimal luggage by providing the opportunity to rent clothing at their destination, whilst in turn promoting more environmentally sustainable travel methods.

Credit: Japan Airlines

Under the ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’ service, Japan Airlines aims to create an environment where ‘travelers can use local options for all aspects of their clothing, food, and accommodation, transforming travel and business trips into more sustainable experiences.’

​Video courtesy of Any Wear, Anywhere

The service will be open to all foreign travelers and business travelers flying on Japan Airlines flights and will run until 31 August, 2024.

Sumitomo Corporation will be providing the service, and all clothing items available under the scheme will be sourced from excess apparel stock and pre-owned clothing.

Japan Airlines will monitor any changes in passengers’ checked-in baggage weight and verify any reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from reduced airplane weight due to use of the Service.

You can take a look here.

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