Hawaii will reopen most of West Maui to tourists starting on October 8, Governor Josh Green announced on Friday. Only Lahaina will remain closed to the public. Tourists will be able to visit Kā‘anapali, Nāpili, Honokōwai, and Kapalua.

“Beginning October 8, all travel restrictions will end and West Maui will be open to visitors again, so people from Hawaii and around the world can resume travel to this special place and help it begin to recover economically,” said Governor Green. “This difficult decision is meant to bring hope for recovery to the families and businesses on Maui that have been so deeply affected in every way by the disaster.”

In early August, a series of wildfires swept through portions of West Maui, killing over 100 people, displacing thousands of people and causing billions in property damage.

In Lahaina, county, state and federal emergency responders are continuing efforts to identify victims and the missing and cleaning up debris and hazardous materials left by the fire.

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