This chart below from the United States National Travel and Tourism Office came out this week, and two countries are standout in an otherwise dismal-but-improving 2021 inbound travel market. Colombia is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, as we wrote in detail last month.

CountryArrivalsShareChange from 2020Change from 2019Change in 2021 Rank
Total22,100,453100.00%15.00%-72.20%From 2019
2Canada2,529,02211.40%-47.40%-87.80%↓ -1
3Colombia1,063,6594.80%293.80%12.70%↑ +10
4United Kingdom460,7492.10%-36.90%-90.40%↓ -1
5India433,3052.00%29.00%-70.60%↑ +5
6Ecuador407,4171.80%140.60%-10.80%↑ +15
7Dominican Republic405,8691.80%127.10%-16.90%↑ +12
8Peru404,9371.80%340.50%22%↑ +20
9Argentina301,7941.40%52.60%-64.70%↑ +6
10Guatemala279,8961.30%249.50%-0.80%↑ +24

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce/ITA/I&A/National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO)/ADIS/I-94 Program

And the numbers bear that: visitors from Colombia to U.S. were up almost 13 percent from pre-covid 2019 and crossed the one million mark, a huge feat in itself. Peru was the other country, with 22 percent more visitors in 2021 compared to 2019. Shows the growing power of LatAm countries and will make up for some lost tourism business from the likes of increasingly isolationist China, for instance.

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