Southwest Airlines Still Canceling Flights for Third day in a row

The network router outage is dealing havoc with Southwest's schedules as crews have found themselves out of position for their next flights.

FAA Finds ‘Minor’ Safety Lapses in Multiple Areas at Allegiant Air

The FAA didn't find Allegiant's safety lapses as to be so extensive as to warrant enforcement action. On the other hand, there is cause for concern because deficiencies were found in several areas of the airline's operations.

American Airlines Beats Estimates on Profits, Defers Aircraft Orders

The pack mentality is to cut growth plans for later this year to boost fares and that's exactly what American is doing.

Missing MH370 Flight Spurred Airline Tracking And Safety Changes

Everything is moving so slowly around the disappearance of flight MH370, including the implementation of safety reforms and the search for the missing plane.

Expedia’s Acquisition of Travel App Trover Is a Family Affair

Expedia apparently bailed out Trover, a photography app that created an attractive user experience but ran into a stone wall in the form of Instagram and Facebook, as well as user interest.

Southwest Had a Good Q2, But Its Low Fares Are Hurting Profits

As United and Delta reported as well, Southwest is seeing softening demand from business travelers. That's not a great sign for the entire travel industry, and not just airlines.

Expedia’s Covert Weapon: Flyers’ Airline Reviews

Lots of consumers start their trip-planning with flights. Expedia will use its customer reviews of flights to spur more flight bookings but the company is also focusing on up-selling and facilitating smooth navigation to hotel and vacation-package options.

Southwest Planes Grounded in Second Outage in 9 Months

Southwest isn't talking yet about the precise cause of the outage but it has been transitioning its reservations system with the launch of international service over the last year and the airline needs to get its act together.

Delta’s Big Role in LaGuardia Airport Revamp May Lead to Flight Rule Changes

Delta clearly wants to change the "perimeter rule" so it can get access to Los Angeles from LaGuardia. The airline's huge investment in the LaGuardia revamp could go a long way to getting those changes.

Europe’s Tough Stance Against Google Could Shame the FTC Into Action

The European regulatory probe of Google on several fronts is putting pressure on the U.S.'s FTC to jump into the fray after bowing out under less-than-stellar circumstances a few years ago. Still, don't expect any meaningful changes in Google's practices until the regulatory processes likely wind through the courts.