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With the Ask Skift App for Slack, you can get answers from Ask Skift from the convenience of your Slack workplace. After installing the Ask Skift App you will be able to ask questions about the business of travel from within the Ask Skift App messages tab or by tagging @Ask Skift from any channel.

The Ask Skift App for Slack is free for a limited time.

Skift is the authoritative source on the travel business, and Ask Skift is a new way for readers to engage better with our breadth of knowledge. Ask Skift is our latest experimentation with AI, creating products travel professionals rely on. Now you can interact with Ask Skift from within Slack.

It has been ‘trained’ with news stories, Skift Research reports, Airline Weekly issues, Skift Live events, and more from the past 11 years to the present to answer many questions about the travel industry. Ask a question and better understand the business of travel with Skift’s new AI chatbot.

In order for the Ask Skift app for Slack to work, Skift stores information about the app bot user unique to your workspace, an encrypted access token for the bot ID, the ID of the channel, and the ID of your Slack team.

For more information about our privacy practices, you can find Skift’s privacy policy at

Ask Skift utilizes OpenAI’s Language Model (LLM), which, like all AI-based systems, may occasionally generate responses that could be inaccurate.

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