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Younger demographics drive growth in the U.S. travel credit card market – and bank brands dominate.

Skift Research’s latest report, “Navigating Q4 2023: Analysing the Value of Travel Credit Cards in the U.S.”, presents a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. travel landscape. This report introduces a special focus on travel credit cards alongside U.S. travel highlights.​

The section on travel credit cards reveals several trends. First, it identifies untapped potential in the market, highlighting significant growth opportunities. Younger demographics emerge as a key target audience with a strong inclination towards travel credit cards. ​

Bank-branded cards are the most preferred. While brand loyalty is crucial for banks, it’s a challenge for travel companies like Marriott, which may struggle to retain customers.

Online channels play a pivotal role in informing consumers about travel card options. Rewards programs stand out as the leading incentive for consumers to adopt travel credit cards. Overall, high satisfaction levels among travel credit card users suggest a positive market outlook.​

The U.S. travel highlights for the fourth quarter of 2023 offer a detailed analysis of travel behaviors and trends. Despite a slight dip in year-end trip activity, overall travel frequency shows an increase, with a notable rise in​ international travel. Leisure trips see an uptick, while family visits remain steady and business travel declines. Urban escapes are preferred, reflecting a shift in travel preferences. Digital dominance in trip planning continues, with social media being the preferred choice. ​

Hotels remain the top choice for accommodation, but vacation rentals are gaining popularity. Direct bookings maintain an upward trend, especially for hotels and flights. The rise in partial remote work spurs travel activity, while sustainability remains a low priority in travel spending. ​

Consumer sentiment shows optimism regarding personal finances but concerns about economic conditions. Luxury travel spending shows a mixed outlook, and there is substantial interest in digital nomadism as a travel trend.​

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • Featured Insights on Travel Credit Cards
  • U.S. Travel Highlights
  • Booking Trends
  • In-Destination Trends
  • Travel Expense and Pricing
  • Sustainability in Travel
  • Consumer Sentiment

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