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India's distinction as the world's most populous nation resonates with a growing desire among its people to travel more.

The new Skift Research report, India on the Move: A Traveler Survey, captures the spirit of a nation in motion, where its status as the world’s most populous country aligns with a surging desire among its people to explore new horizons. 

To gain insights into these evolving travel patterns, we undertook a comprehensive survey, engaging directly with Indian consumers. Our aim was to uncover their travel preferences, motivations, and expectations, with the resulting revelations holding substantial value for businesses and industry professionals aiming to tap into the thriving Indian travel market. ​

​Within this report, we delve into distinct stages of the travel journey, deciphering customer perceptions and expenditure patterns, and offering pivotal lessons for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) and travel suppliers based on the collected survey data.​

​The dreaming stage: We pinpoint the countries and cities that hold appeal for Indian travelers and the underlying reasons for this attraction. ​

The planning stage: The report explores various aspects such as travel budget, duration, preferred travel companions,  planning sources, and popular travel products. ​

The booking stage: The report reveals insights about the booking timeframe and the gaps between the desire to travel and the actual booking. Furthermore, it underscores the preferred booking platforms for Indians. ​

​When it comes to in-destination behavior and sharing travel experiences, the report explores the activities that capture the attention of Indian travelers and also examines the variance in their expenditures across different travel spending categories. Additionally, it investigates the mediums through which they share their travel experiences.​

​The report casts light on the economic outlook of Indian travelers, showcasing their optimism regarding the economy, heightened savings, improved financial standing, and their openness to indulging in enriching travel experiences.​

The report concludes by offering key insights for DMOs, and suppliers based on the survey data. These insights extend valuable guidance on the most effective ways to target and engage Indian travelers, enabling them to harness the opportunities presented by the impending surge in travel.​

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • Dream destinations of Indians and factors that influence their destination choice
  • Aspects of the travel planning stage including travel duration, preferred travel companions,  planning sources, and popular travel products
  • Booking patterns
  • In-destination travel behaviour
  • Indian view on the economic condition and spending behaviour

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