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Lines between hotels, short-term rentals and other accommodation types are blurring, but we see little merging in the business-to-business tech spaces that support these sectors. This will change, but there are some major barriers to overcome first.

We are experiencing a great merging, or sped-up convergence, between different sectors of the travel accommodation industry. Hotels and short-term rentals are at the forefront, as the largest and fastest growing sectors respectively.

Today, the convergence is most prominent on booking platforms, where hotels and rentals are now offered side-by-side, blurring the lines between different accommodation types in consumers’ minds. Operators, including hotel companies and rental startups, are also moving into each others’ sectors. 

The business-to-business tech sectors, so far, have seen little merging. Most tech vendors remain on their patch and either focus on servicing hotels or on building tools for rental property managers.

Why is that? In our latest report, The Great Merging in the Hotel and Rental Tech Sectors 2022, we set out a number of reasons for this lack of convergence.

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • The driving forces between the convergence of the hotel and short-term rental sectors
  • The barriers to convergence of the hotel and rental business-to-business tech sectors
  • Skift Research’s view on what the future merging of these two sectors will look like

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