In this video:

  • Channel distribution strategies for short term rentals: tips for short term rental owners, managers, and online distribution partners to maximize bookings and profits.
  • Navigating the third party distribution ecosystem: thinking about how short term rentals can more easily attract guests via online travel agencies and metasearch properties.
  • How to build a short term rental brand: best practices for how to build a more visible short term rental brand that can increase direct bookings.

The short term rental ecosystem is booming as travelers around the world look for more flexible ways to live, work, and explore during the Covid-19 pandemic. But in order for these short term rentals to maximize bookings, and profits, stakeholders need to take a fresh look at the pricing, distribution channel, and brand building strategies they use to attract and retain guests.

In this Skift Online Travel and Distribution Summit video we hear from Julie Brinkman, CEO of Beyond Pricing, about how short term rental owners, managers, and key stakeholders in the online travel sector are optimizing their short term rental distribution strategy for the rapidly changing travel environment of 2021 and beyond.

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