In this video:

  • How Visit Tucson fuses meetings and events with leisure travel: Group attendees are also leisure travelers who’re looking to take away something unique from their experience. How does culture, wellness, and gastronomy come together to bridge this gap?
  • Leveraging Tucson’s proximity to Mexico to create unique experiences: Enriching experiences for attendees means integrating local culture into meetings and events. How does Visit Tucson achieve this and why is it so important?
  • An overview of Tucson’s wellness heritage: Integrating moments of mindfulness and renewal is critical in the new normal, and is something Visit Tucson has done consistently in the past.
  • The role of gastronomy in programming: Food can make or break an event. What is Visit Tucson’s approach and how do cultural and environmental factors feed in to this?

In this Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit video, we hear from Graeme Hughes, senior vice president of sales at Visit Tucson, about how the city is fusing culture, wellness, gastronomy, and adaptable spaces to redefine its meetings and events offering.

Tucson is accustomed to working in a consultative way with meeting and event planners, getting into an active conversation, and highlighting some of the unique opportunities Tucson can bring to meetings and events. Visit TucsonOnUs.​com to learn more.