In this video:

  • Evolving short-term rental strategies as the sector matures: Why the short-term rental sector’s recent growth and success puts it into competition with more sophisticated competitors in the hospitality sector.
  • How to use dynamic pricing more strategically: How short term rental owners and managers can evolve their pricing approach, adapting in real-time to daily fluctuations in supply and demand.
  • The benefits of a cohesive revenue approach for short-term rentals: How dynamic revenue management strategies provide owners with useful insights and better profitability.

Over the last five years, the short-term rental sector has experienced remarkable success, with stakeholders enjoying growth rates approaching 25 percent. But as the sector matures, rental owners and managers are facing new competitive threats from global hospitality organizations, many of whom utilize cutting edge technology tools to optimize details like pricing, distribution, and marketing of their properties. How will the sector evolve to meet these challenges?

In this Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit session we hear from Julie Brinkman, COO, Beyond Pricing, about how the company’s cohesive revenue management solution is helping its short-term rental customers understand (and respond to) real-time changes in supply and demand, delivering better insights and improved profitability for owners.