In this video:

  • Making the decision to outsource flight crew logistics: Making the case for why aviation partners should work with a trusted partner to handle the flight crew travel management process.
  • The importance of predictive analytics and user-friendly tools: Understanding how smart forecasting tools and consumer-style travel management services help take the headache out of flight crew logistics.
  • Understanding the ROI of smarter scheduling and trip planning: Breaking down the ROI in terms of cost savings and time management benefits.

Success in the aviation business requires the mastery of many complex processes. But one process that’s easily overlooked is the organization of flight crew travel, a task that appears simple but involves a complex choreography of vendor invoicing, procurement, customer service, and cost management, among other disciplines.

In this Skift Aviation Forum session we hear from Mike Appleton, president, Hotel Connections and Travelliance, about how the company is partnering with aviation companies of all shapes and sizes to simplify the flight crew travel process.